Is that a green Mario? NO IT’S LUIGI!

Great news for all they player twos out there today with official details of the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course.


This is a full starter course complete with everything you need to play the LEGO Super Mario “game”. In theory you could get this set and never actually get the Mario.

The included Luigi is fully interactive just like his brother. It isn’t entirely clear how it will work if you have both characters. Hopefully it enable some kind of two-player experience.


The Luigi starter course has 280 pieces and comes with Pink Yoshi, Boom Boom and Bone Goomba figures.


The set will cost $89.99 here in Australia and can be pre-ordered here before it’s August 1st release. [affiliate link]

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 2 Recap

It’s time for episode 2 and this one is going to get messy!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now, there are spoilers below!

Tonight is Castle’s vs Cannonballs. That’s right it’s more slow motion destruction. These episodes are always fun but it can come down to the luck of whether your slow-mo looks good or bad.


The teams arrive and are confronted by a bowling lane and some brick built pins. But that’s just to demonstrate the concept of destruction. They will all have to build a massive castle.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 1 Recap

And we are back! Just like last year I am going to try my best do a recap of each episode of LEGO Masters Season 3. If you haven’t watched the episode yet turn away now.

We open with Brickman and Hamish and a little bit of COVID awkwardness.


And here are our teams. They come in and all stand 1.5m away from the other teams. Welcome to the COVID edition of LEGO Masters.



Official details of the new LEGO Harry Potter sets

LEGO has today revealed the details of the new Harry Potter sets – including Australian pricing.

Each of these sets will come with a special gold minifigure to celebrate LEGO Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary.

There are some great looking sets so lets not muck around and get straight in to the details…

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: Polyjuice Potion Mistake – $32.99

Builders can join Harry, Ron and Hermione as they brew the powerful Polyjuice potion in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and transform as they gulp the potion. Don’t forget to explore the hidden tunnel beneath the sink.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: Fluffy Encounter – $69.99

Young witches and wizards can try their luck at sneaking past the giant, 3-headed dog, and reaching the trapdoor before Fluffy wakes!

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogsmeade™ Village Visits – $139.99

Take a trip to the snowy village of Hogsmeade to buy tongue-tingling acid pops from Honeydukes™ or order a refreshing Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Chamber of Secrets $229.99

Budding builders can join the action in the Chamber of Secrets as Harry battles against Tom Riddle and the Giant Basilisk.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Wizard’s Chess – $109.99

LEGO fans can try their hand at the magical game to save the Philosopher’s Stone before using the pieces again and again to master the art of Muggle chess. Available exclusively from Target in the US, and and LEGO Stores globally.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Harry Potter™ & Hermione Granger™ – $199.99

Children can maximize the magical fun with these 10 in. (26 cm) tall brick-built Harry Potter™ and Hermione Granger™ models as they recreate some of their favourite storylines from the films. Available exclusively from Target in the US, and and LEGO Stores globally.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix – $69.99

LEGO fans can capture the magical personality and graceful flight of Fawkes, the intelligent Phoenix from the Harry Potter films. Available exclusively from Target in the US, and and LEGO Stores globally.

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: First Flying Lesson – $49.99

Builders can grab a broomstick and take part in a flying class with Madam Hooch, mounting a broom and shooting off on a wild ride around the Hogwarts rooftops. Available exclusively from Kohl’s in the US, and and LEGO Stores globally.

Which of these are you most excited about? I don’t know much about Harry Potter but Fawkes looks great. Check out the additional images below.

LEGO Website team frantically trying to find a Time Teacher set

Once upon a time LEGO released a set called Time Teacher, to teach children how to tell the time.


Clearly the team in charge of VIP promotions never got a copy of this set because it seems nobody knows when 9am is.

For those of you who missed out on the Ulysses Space Probe set, I’m sorry. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sit and refresh the page all day waiting for somebody at LEGO to finally make it live.

To those of you who did get one, congratulations.

Ulysses Space Probe available at 9am AEST… hopefully

After a confusing email yesterday it appears that the Ulysses Space Probe VIP reward will be going live shortly at 9am AEST.


The set will cost you 1800 VIP points to redeem. Now is a great time to put in an order, get this set and earn double VIP points.

You’ll be able to get yours via the VIP rewards centre.

Hopefully this does actually go live when it is meant to.

Meet the LEGO Masters Season 3 contestants

LEGO Masters Season 3 starts on Monday April 19th and I for one can’t wait to see what incredible creations we’ll get this year. While we will have to wait and see what gets built we at least now know who will be building it… introducing the LEGO Masters Season 3 contestants (after this picture of Hamish, for anybody trying to avoid anything about the show before it airs).


Get Double VIP Point on your LEGO purchases right now

What’s better than lame single VIP points? Double VIP points! It’s twice as good. That’s just basic maths.

If you head over the the LEGO online store from today until April 20th you’ll get twice the regular VIP points on all purchases.


Is anything good in stock? It doesn’t actually look too bad. At the time of writing this the following are all available…

After something else? Head over to the store now before this offer ends.

This article contains affiliate links.

Looney Tunes CMF Series officially revealed

After leaks and early sales all over the world LEGO has today officially shared the full line-up of the highly anticipated Looney Tunes CMF series.


There are no chase Minfigures in this series so it should be possible to split a box with your friends.

Overall I really like these. Obviously there are some characters better suited to the minifigure format than others. There are also probably characters that people wish were included.

Do you plan on picking these up? Let me know in the comments.

Amazon’s Autumn Sale features some LEGO deals

Amazon Australia Thumb

Amazon Australia is having an Autumn Sale and there are several LEGO deals included across several themes. There are no set percentages for these offers. Also Amazon has grouped stuff weirdly not me.

Technic and Super Mario

City, Creator and Classic

Star Wars and Harry Potter

There may be other offers appearing in the future. You can find the sale overview page here.

This article features affiliate links.