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Welcome to the latest Australian LEGO® Fan Blog – Bricking Around

Bricking Around is going to bring you the latest LEGO deals from Australian retailers, local LEGO stories, great MOCs as well as all the latest news from around the world.

Hopefully the site will grow to be something you’ll want to check every day. In the next few days we will be setting up a contact page, so you can share any stories or sales you come across.

2 Responses to Welcome to Bricking Around

  1. Ricky says:

    Thank you Michael. You created a strong community and shared your great finding and rich lego knowledge with us. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Congratulations and thank you. I’m not sure my wallet would agree, but you’ve been very helpful in my collection journey. Definitely my go to site for the latest on Lego.

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