Ipswich Brick Event Review & Photos

Ipswich Brick Event

There is no better way to spend a cold and rainy Sunday morning than with some LEGO, and that is exactly what I did at the Ipswich Brick Event.

The organisers of the show – BrickEvents Pty Ltd – were selling tickets online, but I found the process a little confusing. To buy tickets you had to fill in a generic form and give your credit card details over the phone and then have your tickets mailed out. I would much rather deal with a proper ticketing service that lets me print my tickets at home.

Luckily, I didn’t need a pre-paid ticket as there was only a very small line when I arrived.

The Venue
The show was located at the Ipswich Show Grounds, and despite not being from the area I had no trouble finding the place. The venue was a good size for the volume of displays that were present and allowed a good flow. There wasn’t anything that felt like it had been hidden in a corner.

For Sale
For those hoping to get some LEGO to take home, there were a few options. The first was a seller with a great collection of minifigures as well as some loose parts, and even a mini pick-a-brick. I decided to try my luck with a $2 lucky dip and walked a way with a little zip-lock bag of basic bricks.

The second seller was Bricks’n'Fun – a LEGO retail store located in Capalaba. There seemed to be a decent mix of old and new sets available.

There was also a store – Brick Chic – selling very nice handmade LEGO jewellery and accessories.

The MOCs
The show featured an outstanding collection of MOCs in a huge variety of themes. Even the new Lone Ranger theme was represented with a great display that incorporated some of the offical sets within the larger build.

Some stand outs:

  • Spaceport – A huge build with a lot of little details.
  • Fairytales – Clever MOC that combined all of the well known fairy tale characters into a single scene.
  • Hogwarts – A large scale representation of the school.

Looking back through the photos, I am going to have to award the best in show to the spaceport.

Be sure to check out the gallery below.

Everybody at the show was happy to stop and have a chat about their creations, and it really made for a great day out. 10% of profits from the event will be donated to charity.

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  1. Futuresportz says:

    Thanks for coming to our show. Was great to see you there! Love the photos.

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