LEGO Club Magazine July 2013 – What’s Inside


It’s time for another edition of the LEGO Club Magazine. Let’s have a look at what’s inside.


The Magazine

  • A fun comic featuring some of the new Coast Guard sets. It’s a nice twist on the classic shark attack scenario.
  • Next is some Hero Factory information.
  • Superman comic.
  • Feature on the Pirate Ship Ambush LOTR set.
  • A Star Wars mini build – AT-RT Repair station.
  • Cool Creations from kids around Australia.
  • Star Wars Member’s Reviews.
  • History of the Minifigure article – A great look at some classic minifigures from 1975 to today (including the controversial Mr. Gold). I very interesting read. Did you know that JarJar Binks was the first moulded minifigure? Probably the only good thing he ever did.
  • Brickman’s Corner – Ryan McNaught answers some questions. An interesting question on Microscale building.
  • Mini Build – Lighthouse. Around 21 pieces.
  • Feature on the new Lion Chi Temple set with word jumbles.
  • Technic Moto Cross Bike
  • Meet the Designer – Andy Hugh Seenan talks about the Creator Tree House
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle min comic
  • Galaxy Squad Mission Brief
LEGO Club Magazine July 2013

LEGO Club Magazine July 2013

Extra Stuff

  • Lego Batman The Movie flyer
  • Yoda Chronicles Comic & Mini Mag
  • TMNT Competition
  • Chima Mini Mag
  • Chima Speedorz event flyer (more on that in another article)

This issue also includes a second half 2013 catalogue, which shows off all the new sets that should start appearing in stores soon (if they haven’t already).

August has new friends, city, Chima and Star Wars sets. Here are a few examples

  • 41015 Friends Dolphin Cruiser
  • 41005 Friends Heartlake High
  • 60023 LEGO City Starter Set
  • 60014 Coast Guard Patrol
  • 60022 Cargo Terminal
  • 70010 The Lion Chi Temple
  • 75021 Republic Gunship
  • 75020 Jabba’s Sail Barge

September adds new castle, Galaxy Squad and Technic sets such as

  • 70404 King’s Castle
  • 70403 Dragon Mountain
  • 70707 Eradicator Mech
  • 70709 Galatic Titan
  • 42009 Mobile Crane MK II

September also sees the release of Mindstorms EV3

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