Could These Be The LEGO Simpsons Sets?

The Simpsons LEGO

A rumoured list of 2014 Simpsons LEGO sets has been making the rounds online. If true it looks like this range could be popular with Simpsons fans. The minifigure lineup and grouping generally seems pretty good.

Bart’s Skate Trick, £10 minifigs: Bart & Milhouse
- This seems like it’s going to be a good little set for Bart fans to pick up. With two licensed minifigures don’t expect a lot of parts in this one.

Homer at the Control Panel, £20, minifigs: Homer, Burns, & Smithers
- No surprises that the designers included this location. Hopefully it includes printed bricks rather than a lot of stickers. Burns and Smithers are a good choice of figures for this set.

Lisa’s Sax Performance, £30, minifigs: Lisa, Marge, Sherri, and Terri
- This is the one that seems a little  strange. Sherri and Terri hardly seem like iconic characters. Ralph Wiggum and Principal Skinner might have been better choices.

Springfield Shops, £50, minifigs: Bart, cashier at Krusty Burger, Krusty, Apu, and Nelson
- A great lineup in this one. If the actual shops look good this could be a popular product.

Simpson’s House,  £70, minifigs: Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Grandpa, Flanders, and Santa’s Little Helper
- This is the one every Simpsons fan is going to want. The minifigure lineup almost seems too good to be true. Getting all of the family (even Abe) in one set is a nice move by LEGO.

Overall this looks like a good lineup of sets. They touch on all the iconic elements from the series without touching on the slightly more controversial areas (Like Moe’s for example). Hopefully this is a genuine list.

Via Brickset

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