Ghostbusters Reaches LEGO Cuusoo Review – Again!

LEGO Ghostbusters Cuusoo 2

In a first for the LEGO Cuusoo program, two different versions of the same concept will be in a single review. LEGO fans have clearly spoken and are very keen to see a LEGO version of everybody’s favourite ghost catching team.

When the first Ghostbusters project hit the required number of supporters Bricking Around said that it stood a pretty good chance of being produced (if licenses can be worked out). A second project from the same IP also making it to the review is going to create some interesting questions for the LEGO team. One of the key elements of the Cuusoo concept is that project creators get 1% of total net sales of the product. How will LEGO handle this situation? Potentially they could choose to go with one project over the other and award royalties that way, but there does seem to be a little bit of overlap between the two projects.

LEGO’s official response didn’t specifically address the issue

It’s unprecedented to have two projects based on the same licensed property in the same LEGO Review period. While we don’t yet know what the outcome will be, we’re very pleased to see the collaborative spirit demonstrated between both Ghostbusters project creators.

One thing that is clear from this situation is that LEGO fans and/or Ghostbusters fans really want to see a LEGO Ghostbusters set produced. The worst possible outcome would be for neither project to pass review.


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  1. Joel Finch says:

    There’s elements of each which work well (and even some elements of the HQ building from a third Ghostbusters project on Cuusoo which are good). I hope they go for it, and put together the best of all the projects in one.

    I prefer the 30th Anniversary project for the most part – the minifig equipment from the large one, and the car design (with lights!), but I suspect the full building will be too big for a Cuusoo set. They need a better Slimer too…

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