Almost Everybody Loves The LEGO Movie


The LEGO Movie is officially released in the US tomorrow, and the reviews are starting to come in. According to review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes the film is looking like a hit.

Currently, with 32 Critic reviews recorded there are 31 positive reviews and just a single negative one.

Warning: As Joel points out in the comments the negative review mentioned contains spoilers for the end of the movie. It’s going to be a tough two months folks.

With the official release of the movie there are going to be a lot of reviews coming out. We wish you the best of luck staying spoiler free until the Australian release in April.

2 Responses to Almost Everybody Loves The LEGO Movie

  1. Joel Finch says:

    A warning for your readers – that one bad review contains spoilers, and is not labelled as such. The writer didn’t like the movie, fair enough, but revealing parts of the ending while dissing it is just crappy reviewing. Not happy.

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