The Simpsons LEGO News And Sightings

We have received multiple reports regarding the highly anticipated LEGO Simpsons range. Here is a quick rundown of the various sightings..

71005 Simpsons Minifigures

The Simpsons Minifigures

  • Dan has spotted these available for purchase at Kmart in Greensborough, Melbourne.
  • Bec informs us that they are also available at Kmart in Campbellfield, Victoria.
  • We have a report from Whirlpool user S3ISOR that Myer will be stocking these, but they will not be available until 1st May.
  • Outer Rim Trading Co has full boxes of 60 available for pre-order. UPDATE: Outer Rim have got in touch to clarify – this isn’t a pre-order, they are just under embargo until Midnight.

The Simpsons House

  • The Kmart website is currently offline, but The Simpsons House was spotted on the site earlier today. It should be in stock shortly, but may be an online exclusive.
  • ShopForMe have the set up for pre-order, and are expecting stock soon. (More info here)
  • We have another Whirlpool report, this time from tommybutters, saying that The Simpsons House is in the Big W system for $298.

LEGO Simpsons House Full

Thanks to our awesome readers who got in touch with their sightings. If the reports of a May 1st embargo are true, then we should be seeing a lot more Simpsons LEGO around from tomorrow.

7 Responses to The Simpsons LEGO News And Sightings

  1. bradseco says:

    Hi There, I bought a few from Myer Carindale yesterday. They only had one box on the floor.

  2. Tan Tile says:

    Minifigs are at Melbourne Docklands Toyworld too for $4.99 each but if you have the Docklands VIP card you get 20% off all LEGO. A box can be had for $239.52 or individually for $3.99 with the VIP Card Free at the Information desk.

  3. Ben says:

    1 May – Target Melbourne CBD has no love, but Myer have four boxes on the main toy counter. Docklands TW stock also confirmed.

    Though apologies if you’re looking for Bart. My stubby fingers trying to feel the packs ended up getting three of them so the ratio will be a little lower. :/

  4. Justin says:

    its the 4th of May and Im having trouble finding both the mini figures and the house….Im looking for a couple of sets of the house + a complete box of mini figures……anyone got an update ????

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