BrisBricks Pine Rivers 2014 Review & Photos

BrisBricks Logo 2014

The Brisbane LEGO scene continues to go from strength to strength. The BrisBricks group now runs two large events per year. This long weekend was their Pine Rivers event, held in Strathpine. I made the drive up from the south side to check out the event.

Be sure to view our collection of photos from the event below.

Tickets to the event were very reasonably priced, and the online booking system was very easy to use. I made the decision to attend the 10:30 AM session on Sunday. This was the first regular session of the day (there was an earlier session for children with ASD), so the line was fairly long when I arrived. Despite the line being quite long, the team at the door got people inside quickly.

The Venue
The venue for this year was unchanged from the previous year, and my comments from that event are just as relevant this year. The displays were spread out well and gave people enough room to see everything. Like last year the retailers were located in a separate part of the venue; which is my preferred layout.

LEGO Sales
There were a great variety of products on sale, from vintage LEGO to spare parts and even LEGO jewelry. Prices seemed to be fairly reasonable. I have seen events with a sole retailer and been unimpressed with high mark-ups. I feel that having multiple retailers present keeps everybody honest. There were also some non-LEGO options; confectionery as well as balloon sculptures and face-painting.

The MOCs
As I said at the start of this review – the Brisbane LEGO scene continues to go from strength to strength. As you will see in the gallery below the quality of builds on display was just amazing. The large displays were definitely impressive, but there were also a lot of smaller builds that were just as great. I found it really difficult to pick a single best display this year, but here are the top contenders;

  • The Old Parliament House model, built by the local state MP (Pictures 001, 003 – 005
  • The Classic Space display, featuring a heap of Benny’s friends (Pictures 030 -036)
  • Micro-scale City with Train (Pictures 057 – 060)
  • Friends Zoo (Pictures 087 – 090)
  • LEGO Bonsai (Pictures 094 – 096)
  • The LEGO Ghostbusters creations of Brent Waller, including the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Pictures 100 – 108)

As a regular attendee to Brisbane LEGO events it was great to get a friendly greeting from everybody that I had met before. Everybody involved should be really proud of the show that they put on. I’d also like to thank the organisers for the special Autism session they put on. I am sure it was appreciated by the community.


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