Who Won Our LEGO Movie Blu-Ray Competition?


We would like to say a huge thanks to everybody who took the time to enter this competition. We really enjoyed reading through all of your awesome LEGO moments. Unfortunately there can only be 5 winners; and here they are, including their awesome LEGO moments.


Reliving childhood memories of playing lego as a late 20 year old and being able to afford any lego set without my parents permission :D


My awesome LEGO moment was when my English teacher gave me a blue permanent marker which has a yellow Lego lid. I use it all the time because it is awesome!


The morning my daughter got up to see the awesome Lego dolls house my husband and I had made her! Her face was priceless.


My husband and my daughter spend a whole day making me a Lego dinner! I came home from work and it was set and on the table! (Unfortunately – I still then had to make the real tea!)


When I discovered that the flat plates can connect orthogonally between the studs of other bricks. I had previously thought this was only possible by using a third piece, like the angular brick (407023).

We will be in touch shortly to organise delivery of your prize.

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  1. Aussie Emmet says:

    Congrats everyone! Enjoy the awesome movie!

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