Official Pictures Of Minifigure Scale Minecraft Sets

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We have known for a while now that LEGO Minecraft sets would be making the leap from the micro-scale to a range of minifigure scale sets later this year.

Now, thanks to the LEGO Minecraft Facebook page, we have official pictures of the sets in the range.

I am not exactly the biggest Minecraft fans, so I have asked our resident Minecraft expert for her opinion on the sets.

Check out the full range below

21113 The Cave

21113 The Cave
The Steve and Zombie minifigures look good but this is not my favourite of the sets. The spider looks a little too large.

21114 The Farm21114 The Farm

This is a much better set than the last one. The pumpkin and cow are adorable, and I like that it includes a nice variety of crops. The Birch tree is a nice touch. My only complaint would be that the sheep could be designed a little better.

 21115 The First Night

21115 The First Night
It’s exactly what someone does when they first start a world. Basic four walls, roof, door. Everyone who has started playing Minecraft does this, so I love this set. Being a Minecraft lover it does bug me that Steve has wooden tools. If he has mined cobblestone to build his house, then he would have made tools out of it too.

21116 Crafting Box

21116 Crafting Box
This set has a lot of potential. I like that there are eight designs included to build and with that many bricks you have the ability to create a lot of custom builds. The Mooshroom is an awesome unexpected addition as well.

21117 The Ender Dragon

21117 The Ender Dragon
I am not a huge fan of this set, although I understand that there isn’t a lot they could do with “The End”. Diamond armour and bow are a must when travelling to this area, so I like that they are included. I’m glad they provided more than one Enderman, and the Ender Dragon looks like a good design.

21118 The Mine

21118 The Mine
This is by far my favourite set. I love the attention to detail, like having the golden powered rails on the mine cart track with the redstone torches close by. The diamond ore is a nice touch as well. Overall if I had to pick one set this would be it; getting all the different mobs and so many varieties of bricks makes this one most appealing to me.

Via LEGO Minecraft on Facebook

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  1. John G says:

    I’m a massive fan of both Lego and Minecraft, and waiting for these sets is killing me! Any chance I can repost this on my blog? Will be sure to link back to yours.

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