On Sale: Kmart School Holiday Sale On Selected Sets

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We haven’t seen a heap of toy sales recently, and now it looks like we know why; retailers have been waiting for the school holidays to capitalise on all those bored kids.

First up in our array of September School Holiday sales is Kmart. From Thursday September 18th 2014 until Wednesday 1st October they are offering discounts on a range of sets. This isn’t a flat percentage off sale, so we have compiled a list of the various discounts below.

You can check out the catalogue here

Set #
Set Name
Sale Price
Discount %
City60056Tow Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60043Prisoner Transporter$23.00$5.0018%
City60059Logging Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60002Fire Truck$23.00$5.0018%
City60058SUV With Watercraft$23.00$5.0018%
City60033Arctic Ice Crawler$19.00-0%
City60034Arctic Helicrane$25.00$10.0029%
Disney Princess41054Rapunzel's Creativity Tower$39.00$9.0019%
Disney Princess41050Ariel's Amazing Treasures$15.00$4.0021%
Friends41059Jungle Tree Sanctuary$49.00-0%
Friends41034Summer Caravan$29.00$6.0017%
Friends41030Olivia's Ice Cream Bike$12.00$3.0020%
Friends41031Andrea's Mountain Hut$12.00$3.0020%
Friends41026Sunshine Harvest$25.00-0%
Friends41036Jungle Bridge Rescue$29.00$6.0017%
Friends41015Dolphin Cruiser$79.00$10.0011%
Chima70141Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider$25.00-0%
Chima70144Laval's Fire Lion$49.00$20.0029%
Ultra Agents70162Infearno Interceptor$35.00-0%
Ultra Agents70163Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown$45.00$10.0018%
Creator31017Sunset Speeder$15.00-0%
Creator31018Highway Cruiser$15.00-0%
Creator31026Bike Shop & Cafe$74.00$15.0017%
Star Wars75048Rebels The Phantom$35.000%
Star Wars75049Snow Speeder$49.00$6.0011%
The LEGO Movie70800Getaway Glider$19.00-0%
The LEGO Movie70801Melting Room$19.00-0%
The LEGO Movie70814Emmet's Construct-o-Mech$69.00$20.0022%
The LEGO Movie70808Super Cycle Chase$75.00-0%

3 Responses to On Sale: Kmart School Holiday Sale On Selected Sets

  1. Niki says:

    Sorry if this is being nit-picky, but I noticed that you have listed 41036 Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue as Sale Price $26.00, when the online catalogue shows $29.00 – same price/savings as for Summer Caravan.

    That aside, as always, thanks for all your hard work compiling all the info into an easy to digest format; it certainly makes life easier for working out the best deals. :-)

  2. Brad says:

    Looking at the Kmart website, they have sets 60002, 60043, 60056, 60057, 60058 and 60059 on sale for $20, matching the prices that Big W have for at least some of these sets, as well as some that Big W haven’t discounted. In store they are tagged at $23, but I can confirm that they scan and sell for $20. I’m not sure if you will get them much cheaper than that. There are also a number of other sets that are cheaper than other places I’ve looked, like the police station for $119 and Helicopter Surveillance for $78.

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