BrisBricks Pine Rivers 2015 Review & Photos

Surprisingly, the 2015 Pine Rivers show is the first LEGO event that I have been to in 2015. A gloomy day and long drive couldn’t dampen my excitement for checking out the wonderful creations of BrisBricks members.

Be sure to view the gallery of photos from the event below.

There is nothing worse than a family day out that costs a fortune. As an adult that attended alone, it’s not as much of a concern but when you add in a few kids the last thing you want is for the event to cost a fortune. I really appreciate that BrisBricks keep their pricing affordable for families. For the entertainment you get, I think pricing is more than fair. The online ticketing system was quick and easy to use. I attended the 10:30 AM  on the Saturday, and after getting stuck in roadworks I arrived a few minutes late. There were no large lines and I was able to get in straight away.

The Venue
BrisBricks continue to stick with their regular Strathpine venue and this is certainly a good thing. The displays were spread out enough, and despite being busy it never felt too crowded. As usual the retailers were located in a separate part of the venue.

LEGO Sales
It seems like there were a few more LEGO retailers present this year. I appreciate that there were a good variety of products on offer – not only were there multiple minifigure sellers, there were also a heap of LEGO parts on sale. There were of course LEGO sets on sale, that from my quick look seemed reasonable priced. There were also some non-LEGO treats for kids such as balloon sculptures.

The MOCs
The creativity and skill of the people who display at shows never ceases to amaze me. The creations are packed with wonderful detail and technical skill. If you haven’t been to a LEGO event before, you really should.

I feel bad highlighting specific creations – there were no bad MOCs on display. These are just the things that caught my eye.

  • Garage – Nicely detailed MOC (Image 003)
  • Illuminated Modulars – An interesting way to display the sets (Images 034 – 036)
  • Elsa’s Ice Palace – Much better than the set version (Image 046)
  • Rainbow Star Wars – Imaginative and fun (Images 057 – 062)
  • Cherry Blossom Castle – Nice detailing with with flowers (Images 081 – 082)

If I had to pick a favourite I’d say Rainbow Star Wars. Great use of colours and parts to create something unique.

I had a wonderful day out, and I’d like to thank everybody involved in putting on such a fantastic show. I’d also like to thank the organisers for the special Autism session they put on.

9 thoughts on “BrisBricks Pine Rivers 2015 Review & Photos

  1. Agent 86 Reply

    Nice photos!

    Does anyone know if events like this would be a good place to try and purchase some of the older, retired Lego Modular Buildings, whether new or second hand? Or do the retailers which attend just have “current” sets for sale?

  2. Marcus Reply

    There were a couple Pet Shops and at least one Town Hall for sale there that I saw, brand new. Prices just the same as gumtree and ebay.

  3. Mark Reply

    There are some cool MOCs there. I especially love Rainbow Star Wars. The garage is pretty clearly inspired by the Lego Ideas project “Garage Life”, right down to the placement of the oxy-acetylene bottles, fire extinguisher, sink and tool chest. Were those minifigure frames for sale? I’ve purchased some high quality ones from the U.S. but it would be good to know if there was something more local.

  4. Xenoliths Reply

    Nice pics, thanks for putting them up for those of us far away… !

  5. Monty Reply

    Ok the rainbow AT AT was very cool, the pink death star was so wrong (hence so right in an odd way), but my stand out favourite was, even with its simplicity, the companion cube !

  6. Mike Reply

    The Mad Max 2 final chase scene was very cool. Anyone who is a fan of the film would concur.

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