First Look At LEGO Angry Birds

While many assumed that the mobile game Angry Birds had started to fade from popular culture, it now appears that there is no escape. There is an Angry Birds movie coming out next year and LEGO are getting on board to produce a range of sets to tie in with the film. After starting out as a rumour earlier in the year, we now have a first look at the official LEGO Angry Birds line.

LEGO Angry Birds Teaser

From the teaser it looks like the birds are going to be large moulded pieces, which is not unexpected – a standard minifigure shape wasn’t going to work for these sets. The design reminds us of the animals in the Friends line.

The movie could be a surprise hit and the LEGO range a hit alongside it, but we don’t think many people had LEGO Angry Birds at the top of their wishlist.


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