On Sale: 20% Off Toys At Big W

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Their 2015 Toy Sale may be done and dusted, but Big W aren’t about to let Target steal all of our hard earned LEGO money without a fight.

Big W will be offering 20% off all toys from Monday 20th July  to Sunday July 26th 2015. 

If you were after a set from a theme other than Star Wars or City, then this is certainly going to tempt you. The sale will also apply to already reduced prices in the Big W Drop Zone (although most of that stock has already been cleared out).

We are still trying to track down the catalogue for this sale – it doesn’t appear to be online just yet.

The catalogue is online now, you can check it out here.

There are two sets are featured;

  • 31038 Changing Seasons for $52
  • 41014 Dolphin Cruiser  for $70.40

Be sure to check out all of the current sales to compare prices.

Thanks to Wade for sending the information through, and thanks to Darren for letting us know the catalogue is online.

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  1. Darren says:

    Michael, the catalogue is available on the website now.

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