September 2015 Sale Price Comparison

September 2015 Comparison Thumb

In case you hadn’t already noticed there are three four five sales all starting tomorrow (Thursday September 17th 2015).

Update: We’ve added the Target sale details.
Update 2: Toys R Us added.

With multiple sales it’s always hard to know if your are getting the best possible deals on your LEGO purchases.

To make the most of the sales you really need to open up each catalogue and check to see who has the best price on each set. If that sounds like way too much work, don’t worry because we’ve already done it for you.

The extensive table below features all of the sets listed on sale from the three four five retailers; Toys R UsTargetKmart, Big W and Myer. It’s a long table so if you’re reading this on the home page, you’ll need to click READ MORE to see it.

Here’s how we’ve set out the table:

  • Prices marked in bold are the best price for that particular set.
  • Prices marked in italic are not the best price for that particular set.
  • There are some lines that end with ^. These particular sets aren’t featured in the Myer catalogue but would be cheaper there with their 20% off selected themes sale.

Set #
Set Name
Discount %
60002Fire TruckCity$20.0033%Big W
60033Arctic Ice CrawlerCity$19.005%Kmart^
60034Arctic HelicraneCity$35.0012%Kmart^
60035Arctic OutpostCity$55.008%Kmart^
60073Service TruckCity$20.0033%Big W
60073Service TruckCity$20.0033%Kmart
60077Space Starter SetCity$15.006%Target^
60078Utility ShuttleCity$20.0033%Big W
60078Utility ShuttleCity$29.003%Target^
60079Training Jet TransporterCity$69.001%Target^
60081Pickup Tow TruckCity$20.0033%Big W
60081Pickup Tow TruckCity$20.0033%Kmart
60082Dune Buggy TrailerCity$20.0033%Big W
60082Dune Buggy TrailerCity$20.0033%Kmart
60083Snowplough TruckCity$20.0033%Kmart
60084Racing Bike TransporterCity$20.0033%Big W
60084Racing Bike TransporterCity$20.0033%Kmart
60090Deep Sea Scuba ScooterCity$7.9520%Myer
60091Deep Sea Starter SetCity$15.006%Kmart
60091Deep Sea Starter SetCity$12.7520%Myer
60092Deep Sea SubmarineCity$29.0027%Big W
60092Deep Sea SubmarineCity$29.0027%Kmart
60092Deep Sea SubmarineCity$29.9525%Myer
60093Deep Sea HelicopterCity$39.0035%Big W
60093Deep Sea HelicopterCity$44.0027%Kmart
60093Deep Sea HelicopterCity$44.9525%Myer
60095Deep Sea Exploration VesselCity$99.0034%Big W
60095Deep Sea Exploration VesselCity$119.0021%Myer
31029Cargo HeliCreator$15.006%Kmart
31030Red Go-KartCreator$15.006%Kmart
31033Vehicle TransporterCreator$28.007%Kmart
31039Blue Power JetCreator$65.0028%Kmart
41071Aira's Creative WorkshopElves$15.006%Kmart
41072Naida's Spa SecretElves$28.007%Kmart
41074Azari and the Magical BakeryElves$44.002%Target
41077Aira's Pegasus SleighElves$45.0025%Kmart
41077Aira's Pegasus SleighElves$49.0018%Target
41078Skyra's Mysterious Sky CastleElves$98.0025%Big W
41098Emma's Tourist KioskFriends$12.0025%Kmart
41099Heartlake Skate ParkFriends$20.0033%Kmart
41100Heartlake Private JetFriends$30.0025%Big W
41100Heartlake Private JetFriends$30.0025%Kmart
41100Heartlake Private JetFriends$35.0012%Target
41101Heartlake Grand HotelFriends$148.0022%Big W
41103Pop Star Recording StudioFriends$19.0024%Kmart
41103Pop Star Recording StudioFriends$19.9520%Myer
41104Pop Star Dressing RoomFriends$30.0025%Kmart
41104Pop Star Dressing RoomFriends$29.9525%Myer
41105Pop Star Show StageFriends$52.0013%Big W
41105Pop Star Show StageFriends$50.0017%Kmart
41105Pop Star Show StageFriends$44.9525%Myer
41106Pop Star Tour BusFriends$67.0016%Big W
41106Pop Star Tour BusFriends$65.0019%Kmart
41106Pop Star Tour BusFriends$63.9520%Myer
41106Pop Star Tour BusFriends$69.0014%Target
21119The DungeonMinecraft$28.007%Kmart
21120The Snow HideoutMinecraft$55.008%Kmart
21121The Desert OutpostMinecraft$88.0012%Kmart
70731Jay Walker OneNinjago$49.002%Kmart^
70733Blaster BikeNinjago$23.9520%Myer
70733Blaster BikeNinjago$23.0023%Target
70734Master Wu DragonNinjago$49.0018%Kmart^
70735Ronin R.E.X.Ninjago$65.0028%Kmart
70735Ronin R.E.X.Ninjago$69.9522%Myer
70736Attack of the Morro DragonNinjago$84.0024%Myer
70736Attack of the Morro DragonNinjago$85.0023%Target
70737Titan Mech BattleNinjago$69.9522%Myer
70738Final Flight of Destiny's BountyNinjago$135.0029%Target
70739Airjitzu Kai FlyerNinjago$12.0025%Kmart
70740Airjitzu Jay FlyerNinjago$12.0025%Kmart
70741Airjitzu Cole FlyerNinjago$12.0025%Kmart
75901Mystery Plane AdventuresScooby Doo$35.0012%Big W
75902The Mystery MachineScooby Doo$45.0010%Big W
75904Mystery MansionScooby Doo$98.0018%Big W
75038Jedi InterceptorStar Wars$34.9913%Toys R Us
75058MTT [VIP Price]Star Wars$129.9913%Toys R Us
75081T-16 SkyhopperStar Wars$34.9913%Toys R Us
75082TIE Advanced PrototypeStar Wars$49.9917%Toys R Us
75087Anakin's Custom Jedi StarfighterStar Wars$69.001%Kmart
75091Flash SpeederStar Wars$49.0018%Kmart
75091Flash SpeederStar Wars$49.9917%Toys R Us
75096Sith Infiltrator [VIP Price]Star Wars$139.9913%Toys R Us
75099Rey’s SpeederStar Wars$29.9925%Big W
75099Rey’s SpeederStar Wars$29.0027%Kmart
75099Rey’s SpeederStar Wars$34.9513%Myer
75099Rey’s SpeederStar Wars$34.9913%Toys R Us
75100First Order SnowspeederStar Wars$49.0018%Big W
75100First Order SnowspeederStar Wars$59.990%Myer
75100First Order SnowspeederStar Wars$47.9920%Toys R Us
75101First Order Special Forces TIE FighterStar Wars$75.0025%Big W
75101First Order Special Forces TIE FighterStar Wars$89.0011%Myer
75101First Order Special Forces TIE FighterStar Wars$79.9920%Toys R Us
75102Poe’s X-Wing FighterStar Wars$99.0024%Big W
75102Poe’s X-Wing FighterStar Wars$114.0012%Myer
75103First Order TransporterStar Wars$115.0023%Big W
75104Kylo Ren’s Command ShuttleStar Wars$129.0024%Big W
75104Kylo Ren’s Command ShuttleStar Wars$149.0012%Myer
75105Millennium FalconStar Wars$198.0021%Big W
75105Millennium FalconStar Wars$219.0012%Myer
75107Jango FettStar Wars$28.007%Big W
75108Clone Commander CodyStar Wars$28.007%Big W
75109Obi-Wan KenobiStar Wars$45.00-13%Big W
75110Luke SkywalkerStar Wars$28.007%Big W
75111Darth VaderStar Wars$45.0010%Big W
75112General GrievousStar Wars$45.0010%Big W
71016Kwik-E-MartThe Simpsons$268.0019%Big W
71016Kwik-E-MartThe Simpsons$299.009%Myer
70163Toxikita's Toxic MeltdownUltra Agents$29.0052%Target
70165Ultra Agents Mission HQUltra Agents$64.0054%Target
70168Drillex Diamond JobUltra Agents$39.0022%Target
70802Bad Cop's PursuitThe LEGO Movie$28.0030%Target
70816Benny's SpaceshipThe LEGO Movie$104.0031%Target
70807MetalBeard's DuelThe LEGO Movie$34.0032%Target
70808Super Cycle ChaseThe LEGO Movie$55.0031%Target
10601Duplo TruckDuplo$23.0023%Target
10602Camping AdventureDuplo$39.0022%Target
70795Mask Maker vs. Skull GrinderBionicle$29.9925%Toys R Us


9 Responses to September 2015 Sale Price Comparison

  1. Stephen says:

    Toys r us also have a sale starting today.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice job on the price comparison. It was so much easier when they had blanket 20% off sales. Navigating Lego sales is getting more complex than trying to find the right phone or insurance plan! Happy hunting people.

  3. Matt says:

    All this effort you put into presenting these holiday sales in such a useful and comprehensive manner is straight up awesome Michael. As Mark mentioned above the search for the best price is becoming something of a scavenger hunt, but you’re our secret decoder ring Michael. Just wanted to add my thanks :-)

  4. Simon says:

    Really awesome work, thank you for putting this list together and also for regularly broadcasting what sales are coming up or are already on. Much appreciated!

    This site is becoming my ‘go-to’ site before making any purchase decisions.

  5. JH says:

    Fantastic resource! This site is my number one go to place for Lego bargains and information.

  6. brickingaround says:

    Thanks for all of the kind words everybody!

  7. Basri says:

    60078 Utility Shuttle Best price at Big W for $20

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