On Sale: 25% Off At Target eBay Store

There isn’t a huge selection of sets included in this offer but a sale’s a sale.

From today (October 27th) until Monday November 2nd 2015 Target’s eBay store is offering 25% off all items.

Target eBay 25pc Off October 2015

You will need to use the code CTARGET25 at checkout to get the discount.

As always with online offers be sure to factor postage in to your overall discount.

You can check out the (limited) LEGO range here

3 Responses to On Sale: 25% Off At Target eBay Store

  1. Not much LEGO there at all, but at least I managed to pick up a new 1TB PS4 for 25% off just in time for Battlefront! :)

  2. legofreak@gmail.com says:

    They’ve just added scooby-doo lego & selling quick…

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