Official Pictures Of 75827 Firehouse Headquarters

There is a lot of people very excited about the release of 75827 Firehouse Headquarters, but so far the only pictures we’ve seen have been the exterior and some of the minifigures.

That has just changed with a huge gallery of images released by LEGO on Facebook. If you were impressed by the outside, chances are the inside is going to blow you away. This set is packed with detail. The way the set opens up will make it really easy to display open (but that opening method is suspiciously similar to the Ideas submissions).

75827 Interior 01

75827 Firehouse Headquarters will go on sale January 1st 2016 for $499.99 in Australia.

Check out the full gallery of photos below.

Via Facebook

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  1. Sam says:

    Amazing interior!! Love Janine & the reception area/ground floor. Hopefully DJ’s or Myer stock these later next year so we can get a 20% off discount.
    I’ll be buying 2 so I can extend the width & length of the HQ as there is no way you can fit the Ecto 1 inside with the doors closed.
    My only criticism (other than the tiny Ghostbusters logo sign out front) is that I’m not a big fan of the part they used for the sliding pole. Other than these few gripes, a truly amazing set that was worth the 32 year wait.

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