On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us (City & Juniors)

This sale doesn’t kick off until the middle of next week but we want to share it now so you’ve all got time to plan ahead.

From Thursday January 14th (or 6pm Wednesday night online) until Tuesday February 2nd 2016 Toys R Us are offering “Buy One, Get One Half Price” on all LEGO City and Juniors sets.

B1G1 Half Price Toys R Us January 2016

Obviously we would prefer to see more themes included but City is still a favourite for a lot of people. Hopefully the 2016 sets will be in-store by the time the sale starts.

You can check out the catalogue here, or view the online range here: City or Juniors.

Thanks to Aimee for making sure we spotted this.

4 Responses to On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Toys R Us (City & Juniors)

  1. Chris says:

    When will we start seeing the 2016 sets in stores ? Other than the few Star Wars ones I’ve seen ?

  2. JH says:

    Yeah just don’t caught out though at checkout online like I did once. Its only on the cheapest item only regardless of how many sets you buy at once. Also Online purchases you will need to be factor in shipping cost on top as well. So best buy in separate orders if cant get to store with stock.

    Best value is to get purchases in store and buy in multiple rounds to maximise bang for buck! At least the queues post xmas won’t be too bad!

    I hope they stock up soon on all the bigger sets especially the trains!

  3. BradC says:

    Some of the 2016 sets have started appearing on their website, but it says they are currently unavailable. I checked with Aspley and the guy checked the shelves and the store room and couldn’t find the ones I was after. Hopefully they will be in stock before the sale ends.

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