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While the London Toy Fair doesn’t allow photos, the Nuremberg Toy Fair does. That means that there are a heap of photos online showing off a heap of the sets coming in the second half of 2016. Unfortunately we weren’t in Nuremburg ourselves so we don’t have our own photos to share but to save you some time we have compiled some links to where you can see the sets in more detail.

First up is Promobricks – over on their Facebook photo stream they have a heap of photos from the show. You can check them out here.

The second site is – they have some great coverage from the show with lots of great photos and videos.

There are plenty of sets to be excited about, but we’ve picked out three that stood out…

60134 Fun At The Park

This set is making news for the inclusion of the first LEGO wheelchair element, but there is even more to love in this set. There is a great range of minifigures included with a variety of clothes, face prints and hair styles. The new LEGO Baby element looks adorable.

LEGO 60134 via PromoBricks

31025 Vacation Getaways

This LEGO RV looks fantastic and the brick-built bear, while a little goofy, looks great. This one could be popular with Breaking Bad MOCers.

LEGO 31052 via PromoBricks

41129 Hotdog Stand

The new sub-theme for Friends is going to be an amusement park. While some of the other sets are a bit hit-and-miss this hotdog stand looks awesome. The new hotdog bun element is great and there is a return of the Hotdog Suit element.

LEGO 41129 via PromoBricks

Images via PromoBricks on Facebook

6 Responses to Set News From Nuremberg Toy Fair

  1. Owen says:

    The wheelchair looks great and with the recent crutches will make any medical centre complete. For me though the highlight of Nuremberg is the new technic tractor. I’ve been waiting a long time for real tractor tyres.
    It’s going to be an expensive H2 for us all I think.

  2. Mark says:

    That sure is some standouts you’ve highlighted there for the reasons you mention. I think there is need for an AFOL support group i.e. “my name is … and it’s been x number of days since my last purchase”. I don’t understand the ridiculous security surrounding Star Wars sets though. It’s not like there are any spoilers in the sets displayed at Nuremberg. And if it is top secret don’t display it at a toy fair!

  3. Owen says:

    Better register me for that support group – if x ever exceeded 10 we could throw a party!

  4. Monty says:

    hmmmm Porche….

  5. Pete says:

    Where are the new lego trains???

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