What’s New In-Store For February

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If you thought January was the only time to get excited about new LEGO sets then we have some great news – there are a heap of new products scheduled for release in February.

We have seen quite a few Facebook posts that the February releases started to appear in stores over the weekend so it seems that stock is going to be fairly readily available.

The new in-store releases for February include the new Nexo Knights theme, a heap of new Friends sets, a few Creator sets, Duplo sets and even a few DC Comics sets. We have included a full list below.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the online store to see if anything changes over there – we may be getting a new offer.

Set #
31040Desert RacersCreator$9.99View
31041Construction VehiclesCreator$9.99View
31042Super SoarerCreator$15.99View
31045Ocean ExplorerCreator$24.99View
31046Fast CarCreator$29.99View
31047Propeller PlaneCreator$29.99View
31048Lakeside LodgeCreator$39.99View
31050Corner DeliCreator$59.99View
76044Clash of The HeroesDC Comics Super Heroes$19.99View
76045Kryptonite InterceptionDC Comics Super Heroes$49.99View
76046Heroes of Justice: Sky High BattleDC Comics Super Heroes$99.99View
10801Baby AnimalsDuplo$12.99View
10807Horse TrailerDuplo$29.99View
10809Police PatrolDuplo$22.99View
10814Tow TruckDuplo$24.99View
10815My First RocketDuplo$15.99View
10816My First Cars and TrucksDuplo$29.99View
10818My First TruckDuplo$29.99View
10819My First GardenDuplo$29.99View
10824Miles' Space AdventuresDuplo$29.99View
10826Miles' Stellosphere HangarDuplo$49.99View
10829Mickey's WorkshopDuplo$29.99View
10830Minnie's CafeDuplo$29.99View
10831My First CaterpillarDuplo$15.99View
41110Birthday PartyFriends$29.99View
41111Party TrainFriends$15.99View
41112Party CakesFriends$7.99View
41113Party Gift ShopFriends$7.99View
41114Party StylingFriends$7.99View
41116Olivia's Exploration CarFriends$22.99View
41117Pop Star TV StudioFriends$29.99View
41118Heartlake SupermarketFriends$44.99View
41119Heartlake Cupcake CafeFriends$59.99View
41120Adventure Camp ArcheryFriends$15.99View
41121Adventure Camp RaftingFriends$44.99View
41122Adventure Camp Tree HouseFriends$99.99View
41135Livi's Pop Star HouseFriends$79.99View
10720Police Helicopter ChaseJuniors$15.99View
10721Iron Man vs LokiJuniors$15.99View
10722Snake ShowdownJuniors$22.99View
10723Ariel's Dolphin CarriageJuniors$22.99View
10725Lost TempleJuniors$39.99View
10729Cinderella's CarriageJuniors$29.99View
70310Knighton Battle BlasterNexo Knights$12.99View
70311Chaos CatapultNexo Knights$12.99View
70312Lance's Mecha HorseNexo Knights$34.99View
70313Moltor's Lava SmasherNexo Knights$34.99View
70314Beast Master's Chaos ChariotNexo Knights$49.99View
70315Clay's Rumble BladeNexo Knights$59.99View
70316Jestro's Evil MobileNexo Knights$89.99View
70317The FortrexNexo Knights$139.99View
70330ULTIMATE ClayNexo Knights$15.99View
70331ULTIMATE MacyNexo Knights$15.99View
70332ULTIMATE AaronNexo Knights$15.99View
70333Ultimate RobinNexo Knights$15.99View
70334Ultimate Beast MasterNexo Knights$15.99View
70335ULTIMATE LavariaNexo Knights$15.99View

7 Responses to What’s New In-Store For February

  1. Jeremy says:

    Theres a cool promo on lego.com as well that’s just gone live, 2 free nexo sets appear in your cart if your purchases are over a set amount (haven’t worked that amount out yet, buts its under $100.)

  2. NEXO KNIGHTS, Creator, Friends and DUPLO will be arriving in the first wave and are either in-store now or on their way. DC Super Heroes, Juniors and Classic new releases will be in the second wave around mid-month.

  3. Chris says:

    All I want are those BvS sets !

  4. Shannon says:

    Brisbane Myer has all the February sets. Bought clash of heroes today.

  5. Spengler says:

    The DC releases seem to have reached most retailers now. Picked up 76044 for $19 from Target. Guessing Big W & Kmart will be about the same price

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