30% Off Duplo, 25% Off City At Shopforme

The latest Shopforme Daily Blitz has some great offers but there are two that stand out as being beyond the 20% off we regularly see.

30% Off Duplo

The littler LEGO fans often miss out on some of the better deals. Not this time though – 30% off is a great offer.


25% Off City

It’s always good to see an offer above the common 20% off. At 25% off the prices on this City sets may be hard to beat.


You can check out the other offers here.

Thanks to Mark for emailing about this

One Response to 30% Off Duplo, 25% Off City At Shopforme

  1. gazza says:

    Nice although I’ve just put in a couple of orders from the Lego shop @ home so may need to hold fire.

    I really want to get police prison island and transform it into refugee manus island.

    Too soon?

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