On Sale: 30% Off Selected Sets At Target

Target March 04 30pc Off

Target have just launched a sale that appears to be aimed at clearing out a heap of older stock. They are offering an impressive 30% off a range of selected toys and the listing includes 60 different LEGO sets. Some prices are actually better than 30% off RRP because of Target’s slightly lower regular prices.

It’s quite an interesting mix of sets included in the offer too – everything from Bionicle to Friends.

We’ve added a full listing taken from the website but it’s possible that this will change.

The sale runs from now (March 4th) until Wednesday March 9th 2016. This is in-store and online (some stores might actually have sale items not on the website).

You can check out the online listing here, and view a list of those sets below.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
10526Peter Pan's VisitDuplo$28$39.99$11.9930%
10532My First Police SetDuplo$28$39.99$11.9930%
10539Beach RacingDuplo$28$39.99$11.9930%
10567Toddler Build and Boat FunDuplo$21$29.99$8.9930%
10573Creative AnimalsDuplo$16.8$24.99$8.1933%
10589Rally CarDuplo$15.4$22.99$7.5933%
10591Fire BoatDuplo$17.5$24.99$7.4930%
10601Duplo TruckDuplo$20.3$$-20.3?%
10602Camping AdventureDuplo$34.3$49.99$15.6931%
10604Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure IslandDuplo$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
10616My First PlayhouseDuplo$21$29.99$8.9930%
21122The Nether FortressMinecraft$90.3$129.9$39.630%
31023Yellow RacersCreator$28$39.99$11.9930%
31039Blue Power JetCreator$62.3$89.99$27.6931%
41074Azari and the Magical BakeryElves$30.8$44.99$14.1932%
41091Mia's RoadsterFriends$16.8$24.99$8.1933%
41093Heartlake Hair SalonFriends$30.8$44.99$14.1932%
41097Heartlake Hot Air BalloonFriends$30.8$44.99$14.1932%
41099Heartlake Skate ParkFriends$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
44024TUNNELER Beast vs. SURGEHERO Factory$10.5$15.99$5.4934%
60041Crook PursuitCity$7$9.99$2.9930%
60057Camper VanCity$21$29.99$8.9930%
60065ATV PatrolCity$7$9.99$2.9930%
60068Crooks' HideoutCity$55.3$79.99$24.6931%
60071Hovercraft ArrestCity$41.3$59.99$18.6931%
60075Excavator and TruckCity$41.3$59.99$18.6931%
60077Space Starter SetCity$10$15.99$5.9937%
60082Dune Buggy TrailerCity$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
60083Snowplough TruckCity$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
600854x4 with PowerboatCity$27.3$39.99$12.6932%
70161Tremor Track InfiltrationUltra Agents$21$29.99$8.9930%
70166Spyclops InfiltrationUltra Agents$10.5$15.99$5.4934%
70168Drillex Diamond JobUltra Agents$34.3$49.99$15.6931%
70412Soldiers FortPirates$34.3$49.99$15.6931%
70735Ronin R.E.X.Ninjago$62.3$89.99$27.6931%
70736Attack of the Morro DragonNinjago$76.3$109.9$33.631%
70742Airjitzu Zane FlyerNinjago$10.5$15.99$5.4934%
70745Anacondrai CrusherNinjago$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
70753Lava FallsNinjago$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70778Protector of JungleBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70779Protector of StoneBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70781Protector of EarthBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70781Protector of EarthBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70782Protector of IceBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70783Protector of FireBionicle$11.2$15.99$4.7930%
70784Lewa - Master of JungleBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70785Pohatu - Master of StoneBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70786Gali - Master of WaterBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70787Tahu - Master of FireBionicle$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
70788Kopaka - Master of IceBionicle$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
70789Onua - Master of EarthBionicle$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
70790Lord of Skull SpidersBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70791Skull WarriorBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70793Skull BasherBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70794Skull ScorpioBionicle$14$19.99$5.9930%
70795Mask Maker vs. Skull GrinderBionicle$27.3$$-27.3?%
75034Death Star TroopersStar Wars$15.4$22.99$7.5933%
75037Battle on SaleucamiStar Wars$20.3$29.99$9.6932%
75084Wookiee GunshipStar Wars$69.3$99.99$30.6931%

6 Responses to On Sale: 30% Off Selected Sets At Target

  1. JL says:

    Where does it say it ends on 9th?

  2. Gazza says:

    picked up the city snowplough today. yay! they only had one crooks island available at my local store but the box had been opened so i didn’t bother.

    also picked up a couple of utility shuttles. they weren’t on sale but target price matched for me so got them for $22.49 each.

    sleeper set, trust me! :)

  3. Xavier says:

    Picked up the Pirate ship at my local and were 5 more on shelf. Not much else with clearance tags that was remotely interested in.

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