On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Target

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Somebody should do a survey and see who loves school holidays more – teachers or LEGO fans. Just when you thought your bank balance was safe the retailers all seem to be throwing out some tempting offers.

This deal from Target is certainly a contender for the best of the bunch… from today (Thursday March 31st) until Sunday April 17th 2016 Target are offering “Buy One, Get One Half Price” on all toys. For those playing along at home that’s 25% off if you buy two identically priced items.

You can head in-store or check out their online LEGO range here.

There are also some sets featured in the catalogue. We’re not sure how these prices affect the other offer. We will try and confirm with Target.

Set #
Set Name
Full RRP
Full RRP Discount
Discount %
60128Police PursuitCity$25.00$29.99$4.9917%
60129Police Patrol BoatCity$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
60130Prison IslandCity$99.00$149.9$50.934%
70313Moltor's Lava SmasherNexo Knights$29.00$34.99$5.9917%
70314Beast Master's Chaos ChariotNexo Knights$39.00$49.99$10.9922%
70315Clay's Rumble BladeNexo Knights$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
70316Jestro's Evil MobileNexo Knights$79.00$89.99$10.9912%
70317The FortrexNexo Knights$119.00$139.99$20.9915%
41175Fire Dragon's Lava CaveElves$49.00$59.99$10.9918%
41173Elvendale School of DragonsElves$24.00$29.99$5.9920%
41121Adventure Camp RaftingFriends$39.00$44.99$5.9913%
41135Livi's Pop Star HouseFriends$69.00$79.99$10.9914%

Thanks to David, Tom and Anthony for all making sure this wasn’t missed

4 Responses to On Sale: Buy One, Get One Half Price At Target

  1. BradC says:

    I just purchased Clay’s Rumble Blade together with Jay’s Elemental Dragon, and got the deal with it being $49, so I’m guessing it will work for any of the others you’ve posted above. Calculating the saving I made on that set, it comes out to 39%, which isn’t too shabby :)

  2. Mark says:

    The deal definitely stacks with the already discounted prices on selected sets. Works out to be ~ 50% off rrp on Prison Island!

  3. BradC says:

    They are not currently up on the website, but when I checked at Target Chermside last night, they had some of the new Technic sets in stock.

  4. BradC says:

    Just got 60131 Crooks Island, $44 (Target Exclusive, from what I can tell), along with 42048 Race Kart with this deal.

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