Classic Theatre Scenes Re-created With LEGO

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Here is something a little fun for your Wednesday morning.

Travel and theatre break provider, National Holidays have recently commissioned model designer Elspeth De Montes from Azurebrick to recreate miniature theatre scenes out of LEGO.

Elspeth built four of the most iconic theatre scenes which took over a month to complete, involving great precision and an eye for detail.

Check out the scenes below to see if you can recognise the scenes from these famous productions…

Dirty Dancing – The Lift

This scene captures one of the most romantic moments in musical history, when Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey to the soundtrack of Time of my Life. Spectators are also shown to be dazzled by the performance, true to the original act.

LEGO Dirty Dancing 2

Les Misérables – French Revolution

This detailed recreation reflects the importance of the political upheaval in France, from the well-known tale of Les Misérables.  The six figures are dressed in their countries colours, ready to battle with their guns and cannons.

LEGO Les Miserables Central 2

The Phantom of the Opera – The Gondola

Next, Elspeth constructs the recognisable boat scene from the theatre classic The Phantom of the Opera. This dark and mysterious scene is reflected by the eerie lighting and clearly depicts both of the two main characters. The detail and effort gone into the build can be clearly shown through the intricacy of the outfits and candles.

LEGO Phantom Opera 1

The Lion King – Presentation of Simba

Loved by children and adults alike, this emotionally filled scene pulls on the heartstrings of many. We all remember the scene where Simba is held up in front of the other animals during the Circle of Life song.

LEGO The Lion King Spotlight Simba

To find out more about National Holidays and the theatre breaks on offer then visit the website here.

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