LEGO Dimensions Wave 5 Now Available

While it seems like the hype around LEGO Dimensions is slowing down, today (May 10th) marks the official release date of the 5th wave of sets.

This wave features three new Fun Packs to add to your collection:

71239 Lloyd

71239 Llyod Fun Pack

71240 Bane

71240 Bane Fun Pack

71241 Slimer

71241 Slimer Fun Pack

Fun Packs have an RRP of $24.95, but it is quite easy to find these for around $20 at Big W, Kmart and Target.

Now that the last of the announced waves are in store news about what is next for the game shouldn’t be too far off.

Update: It seems that the information on the release date was incorrect – these sets are actually out May 11th. Sorry for the mix-up.

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  1. Michael says:

    My distributor says May 11 is the street date for this wave, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has broken street date and is selling them today.

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