Heap of New Sets Added To LEGO’s Online Store

2ND Half 2016 Thumb

LEGO have just updated their Australian online store, with a heap of the second half 2016 sets now listed.

The new sets cover a range of themes including City, Creator and Nexo Knights. Included in the batch is the LEGO City Fun in The Park set that had a lot of people talking when it was first unveiled.

Below is a list of all the new sets found so far and each has a link to view the product page in full.

There is still no catalogue available for the second half of 2016 so we don’t know when these sets will appear at retail.

Set Number
Australian RRP
City60100Airport Starter Set81$15.99View
City60101Airport Cargo Plane157$29.99View
City60102Airport VIP Service364$59.99View
City60103Airport Air Show670$119.99View
City60104Airport Passenger Terminal694$149.99View
City60120Volcano Starter Set83$15.99View
City60121Volcano Exploration Truck175$29.99View
City60122Volcano Crawler324$44.99View
City60123Volcano Supply Helicopter330$59.99View
City60124Volcano Exploration Base824$149.99View
City60125Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter1277199.99View
City60132Service Station515$119.99View
City60134Fun in the Park15754.99View
Creator31049Twin Spin Helicopter326$39.99View
Creator31051Lighthouse Point528$79.99View
Creator31052Vacation Getaways792$119.99View
Creator31053Treehouse Adventures387$49.99View
Disney Princess41067Belle's Enchanted Castle374$79.99View
Duplo10810Push Train45$39.99View
Duplo10822Sofia the First Magical Carriage30$39.99View
Duplo10827Mickey & Friends Beach House48$49.99View
Elves41177The Precious Crystal Mine273$44.99View
Elves41178The Dragon Sanctuary585$59.99View
Elves41179Queen Dragon's Rescue833$99.99View
Elves41180Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle1014$149.90View
Juniors10726Stephanie's Horse Carriage58$15.99View
Juniors10727Emma's Ice Cream Truck136$29.99View
Juniors10728Mia's Vet Clinic173$39.99View
Nexo Knights70318The Glob Lobber95$12.99View
Nexo Knights70319Macy's Thunder Mace202$34.99View
Nexo Knights70320Aaron Fox's Aero-Striker V2301$59.99View
Nexo Knights70321General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom516$79.99View
Nexo Knights70322Axl's Tower Carrier670$119.99View
Nexo Knights70323Jestro's Volcano Lair1186$189.99View
Nexo Knights70326The Black Knight Mech530$89.99View
Nexo Knights70336Ultimate Axl69$15.99View
Nexo Knights70337Ultimate Lance75$15.99View
Nexo Knights70338Ultimate General Magmar64$15.99View
Nexo Knights70339Ultimate Flama67$15.99View

11 Responses to Heap of New Sets Added To LEGO’s Online Store

  1. OMG. I thought you had stuffed up some of the pricing!

    $119.99 for the Service Station? Ouch, and only 515 pieces? And then I scroll down to the vacation getaways same price, oh dear. Will have to wait for some serious discounting before even thinking of purchasing.

    The airport cargo plane looks good and a buy when big W / kmart discounts to $20.
    Hopefully the two starter sets will be discounted at Big W for $10 again.

    In all seriousness, I can’t see myself paying RRP less 20% for any of these sets.

    • marsha says:

      I agree! most of Lego’s prices are unreasonably high, even considering GST, freight, etc.
      The fun in the park set, however, is a bargain which I will most certainly be buying.
      Thanks to Michael for taking the time to ferret out all the new sets for us.

  2. Glen says:

    It seems yet again, LEGO exerts it’s dominance in the toy market by raising the RRP on most sets. That been said, I will definitely be purchasing “Fun in the Park” as it will help to flesh out my modular street!

  3. AQUANTUM mg says:

    does anyone know how long it will take for other themes like star wars to hit the Australian lego store, just waiting to hit the free shipping threshold

  4. Stupac says:

    WOW – this prices are terrible! I cannot believe the cost of the petrol station! or the 150 airport! actually the 199 volcano set is the worst. COME ON LEGO!

  5. Sam says:

    For me, the Service Station price of $119.99 is an outrage!!!
    LEGO haven’t released a Service Station since 2007 (despite fan requests) & it had a RRP of $69.99.
    I think LEGO really got their priorities wrong with this set which bumped the price up.
    They chose to include 3 vehicles as opposed to only 1 in 2007.
    I know I would have preferred LEGO to concentrate more on a bigger Service Station than adding more vehicles like a street sweeper!?!
    To wait 9 years for another Service Station & be slugged with $119.99 is simply not good enough. Please take note LEGO!!!

  6. Xavier says:

    Is Airport Passenger Terminal the actual “airport set” we’ve all been waiting to see?! If so that is a major disappointment and won’t be getting it unless it is on clearance.
    Good job collating them all Michael!

  7. Ed says:

    Are there any reasons for the apparent price hike?

  8. Mark says:

    The new wave of Star Wars sets are up at S@H too and it doesn’t get any better on pricing. The AT-TE is $200 for ~900 or so parts.

  9. Mark says:

    Holy crap I just saw the price of Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced vs A-wing and its $160 for 702 pieces and 4 minifigs. To put it into perspective the First Order Transporter from the last wave was $150 for ~800 pieces and 7 minifigs. The Resistance X-wing, which is essentially just a re-colour of Poe’s X-wing, is $10 more expensive at $140. Why the price hike? They will charge what they think the market will pay and clearly Lego sales are booming in Australia!

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