LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Details

The official details are still a few hours away, but images of at least some of the next series of LEGO Dimensions sets have surfaced online.

The lineup includes an interesting mix of characters, from Adventure Time to The A-Team. Here are the details of what has been discovered. Click on an image to see a larger version.

71242 Ghostubsters Story Pack

A new feature of Dimensions Series 2 seems to be at least one “Story Pack”. Based on the wording of the box, a Story Pack contains an entire story – in this case the new Ghostbusters film. This seems more substantial than a Level Pack, so expect it to cost more too. Includes Abby Yates, the new Ecto-1 and the Chinese Restaurant setting from the film.

71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack B

Plenty more below.

71245 Adventure Time Level Pack

I doubt may people would be surprised to see Adventure Time make an appearance in LEGO Dimensions. This Level Pack takes you to the world of Ooo with Finn the Human, Jakemobile, and an Ancient War Elephant.

71245 Adventure Time Level Pack 71245 Adventure Time Level Pack B

71246 Adventure Time Team Pack

Includes Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO, and Lumpy Car.

71246 Adventure Time Team Pack 71246 Adventure Time Team Pack B

71247 Harry Potter Team Pack

Not sure if Harry Potter and Voldemort could really be considered a team? This pack includes Harry, Voldemort, Enchanted Car and Hogwarts Express.

71247 Harry Potter Team Pack 71247 Harry Potter Team Pack B

71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack

A bit of a surprise inclusion. The Mission Impossible films are quite popular, but I don’t think many people predicted this one when Dimensions was first launched. Pack includes Ethan Hunt, IMF Scrambler and an IMF Sport Car. This is our first ever Tom Cruise minifigure.

71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack 71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack B

71251 The A-Team Fun Pack

Another interesting choice. The A-Team is a classic series but not exactly popular with kids. The pack includes B.A. Baracus and the classic A-Team Van. Luckily for B.A. there is no plane or helicopter included.

71251 The A-Team Fun Pack 71251 The A-Team Fun Pack B

There should be a heap more Dimensions news tomorrow.

Via The Brick Fan. Thanks to Trev for sharing this information.

9 Responses to LEGO Dimensions Series 2 Details

  1. Simon says:

    Why for the love of God did they do another ghostbusters. What an insult to the original. Worse still the made it a level/story pack. Why why why? Was it because they knew I wouldn’t sell so they made it so you had to buy it

    • Michael says:

      No reason you have to buy it if you aren’t a fan. I don’t think a “Story Pack” is like the Starter Packs in that it’s required. It seems more like a mini version of a standalone LEGO game. Instead of a full “LEGO Ghostbusters” game, it’s a story pack for Dimensions. Should know more soon.

    • JJ says:

      who ya gonna call? …i’ll give you 50 cents to call someone that cares.

    • JJ says:

      PS. Ghost busters reboot wont be as bad as everyone thinks, It will hold its own to the originals.

      The originals were a comedy, not to be taken seriously, and from what I’ve seen of the trailers the reboot is keeping true to that.

      Seems kids of today hate any movie where if there isn’t realistic explosions or convincing CGI it has to be rubbish…. (eg, hasn’t got a superhero in it so its rubbish…because superheros are realistic )

  2. Sam says:

    From someone that grew up in the 80′s, I love the A-Team Fun Pack!!!
    A Magnum PI & Knight Rider Fun Pack would complete my 80′s obsession!!

    • Mark says:

      I love the B.A. Baracus minifig…although I kinda wish they’d made the chains a physical element rather than printing. Knight Rider fun pack would be cool too, Hasselhoff needs a minifig!

    • brickingaround says:

      Looks like Knight Rider is confirmed. No pictures yet though.

  3. Angela says:

    HARRY POTTER!!! I can’t even with how exciting this is. I also had a small giggle over it being called the ‘enchanted car’; they clearly couldn’t go with Ford Anglia.

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