Australian Price For 10255 Assembly Square Confirmed

After 24 hours of speculation we finally know the price for the next modular set 10255 Assembly Square. When it becomes available January 1st this massive set will cost Australians $399.99.

10255 Assembly Square Australian Price

While the price is fairly high, so is the part count.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the price.

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  1. Glen says:

    As someone raised over on brickset. The fact this is 32×48 throws off the ability to eventually create a full block unless future modulars are also of a variable size. While this is a fantastic set. I really, really, really was hoping for a hospital set. There is always next year I suppose.

  2. This won’t be a day one purchase from the Lego website. I’ll be waiting until Myers mid year toy sale and hopefully a 20% discount.

  3. louiseallana says:

    I was really hoping for a $300 price. This is a fabulous set but just so far out of my price range.

  4. Mark says:

    This set is perfectly demonstrative of how the Australian consumers are once again totally ripped off. If the set is priced in Danish Krone first and foremost, and converted thereafter, the numbers are stark. DKR 2,099 is equal to AUD 400…USD 310…EUR 280 and GBP 252. It seems that the Australian market is subsidising the rest of the world. The Canadian and Australian dollars are almost equal and yet the Canadians get away with CAD 330 price tag. This is really scandalous

    • Richie says:

      Biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. I’ll be the last to defend anything TLG does but you’re so far from any actual real fact and you seem happy to be there.

  5. Serghe says:

    Does anyone of you guys have any difficult to order from Lego online shop recently? For the past 4 days, everytime I tried to place an order, I always got the same error message “an unexpected error has occurred, please contact customer services.” I tried on differenet PC,laptop,iphone,ipad, I tried Firforex, Safari, Internet explorer, but I still recieved the same error message each time.

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