October Minifigpak Unboxing & Review

BrickPak MinifigPak

The monthly subscription service Minifigpak has been up and running for a while now. Each month bringing people three mysterious minifigures. With the October pack in the hands of most people I have done a quick unboxing and review.

Warning: If you haven’t got your October Minifipak yet this post will contain spoilers.

Read on below for my review, and more details about the Minifigpak product.


With a service that sends you three random minifigures there are really only two questions that you need to answer – Are the minifigures any good? And are they worth the price of the subscription ($17.95 per month).

Paradisa Female Minifigure

October Minifigpak Paradisa

The Paradisa theme existed during the peak of my childhood LEGO obsession but somehow I missed it. This is officially my first Paradia minifigure. When I first opened this I was impressed with the shirt print and the freckle face print. You don’t see the classic smiling faces much any more (outside of the modulars) so this was a good throwback.

My only complaint would be that a quick check of Bricklink shows that this minifigure originally came with yellow legs. I don’t mind the black legs but it does take away from having a complete minifigure that you can link to a set. Edit: Turns out that I am bad at Bricklink research. The minifigure, with black legs and all, comes from a “Freestyle” set from 1997. 

Overall I am pretty happy with this inclusion, as it’s not something I’d normally get.


October Minifigpak Lavaria

I am not a big Nexo Knights fan so I am not up to speed with all of the characters. I don’t really know how Lavaria fits into the story other than her being a villain. What I do know is that this minifigure looks great. The torso and leg printing are well done. A black cloak is always a good look and Lavaria totally pulls it off. I only noticed after I took pictures that she also has a double sided head print.

Not a minifigure that I’d actively seek out, but I now own a scary looking lava woman.


October Minifigpak Batman

There are a heap of different LEGO Batman minifigures that have been created. The one included seems to be “Lego Batman – Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape” according to Bricklink. It’s a pretty good description of what you get.

As I said in the video you can’t go wrong with Batman, and I don’t think you can ever have enough. This little guy is going to live on my desk at work and keep my other minifigures in line.


As I said at the start, there are really only two questions when it comes to a service like Minifigpak. Despite the Paradisa minifigure appearing to have the wrong legs (See edit above) I don’t really have any complaints about the minifigures that I received. Two of the three aren’t ones that I’d pick myself, but that doesn’t make them bad minifigures.

If I had got all three minifigures from Bricklink I probably could have got them a little cheaper than the cost of the pack, but that kind of misses the point. I think part of the appeal of Minifigpak is getting figures outside of the themes you normally collect. Discovering something new and exciting. I think that’s worth a few dollars a month.

More about Minifigpak

If you want to check out some of the past minifigures to get a better sense of the offering they have sent out this handy picture

Past Minifigpak FiguresAs you can see, it’s quite an interesting mix.

You can sign up at http://www.minifigpak.com/


  • Bricking Around was sent an October for the purposes of review. Opinions are my own and not influenced by the Minifigpak team in any way.
  • The black baseplates in the images are not included in the pack and were used for the purposes of my photos.
  • Excuse the weird glitch at the start of the video. I didn’t notice the editing app had done that until after it was already uploaded.


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