Release Schedule For The First Half of 2017

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It’s a new year, which means a whole heap of new LEGO sets. Any LEGO fan will already know that while new sets show up online January 1st, they are released to stores in batches. The LEGO Retail catalogue is always how we know what sets are hitting stores when. You can’t view the catalogue online yet but it is available via the LEGO Catalogue app on iOS or Android.

Most of the sets we already knew about but there is a teaser promising Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sets in March.

I’ve gone through the catalogue in detail and added the release month to my database of set information. Below you’ll find a list of just under 150 sets and when you can expect to see them on store shelves. There are a few sets with no images or pricing on the LEGO site so there are a few gaps in the data. I regularly update my set database so as soon as I know those prices I will update accordingly.

For those who can’t see the table below here is a quick guide;

  • Disney Moana – January
  • Friends – January
  • City – January
  • Nexo Knights – January
  • Batman Collectable Minifigures – January
  • Star Wars – January
  • Classic – February
  • Duplo – February
  • Creator – February
  • DC Super Hero Girls – February
  • Ninjago – February
  • The LEGO Batman Movie – February
  • Disney Other – March
  • Elves – March
  • Technic – March
  • DC Comics Super Heroes – March
  • Marvel Super Heroes – March

Set #
41149Moana's Island AdventureDisney$39.99January
41150Moana's Ocean VoyageDisney$54.99January
41300Puppy ChampionshipFriends$29.99January
41301Puppy ParadeFriends$19.99January
41302Puppy PamperingFriends$7.99January
41303Puppy PlaygroundFriends$7.99January
41304Puppy Treats & TricksFriends$7.99January
41305Emma's Photo StudioFriends$15.99January
41306Mia's Beach ScooterFriends$15.99January
41307Olivia's Creative LabFriends$15.99January
41308Stephanie's Friendship CakesFriends$15.99January
41309Andrea's Musical DuetFriends$15.99January
41310Heartlake Gift DeliveryFriends$29.99January
41311Heartlake PizzeriaFriends$39.99January
41312Heartlake Sports CentreFriends$59.99January
41313Heartlake Summer PoolFriends$79.99January
41314Stephanie's HouseFriends$99.99January
60135ATV ArrestCity$9.99January
60136Police Starter SetCity$15.99January
60137Tow Truck TroubleCity$29.99January
60138High-speed ChaseCity$59.99January
60139Mobile Command CenterCity$59.99January
60140Bulldozer Break-InCity$99.99January
60141Police StationCity$159.99January
60144Race PlaneCity$15.99January
60146Stunt TruckCity$15.99January
60147Fishing BoatCity$29.99January
60148ATV Race TeamCity$29.99January
601494x4 with CatamaranCity$29.99January
60150Pizza VanCity$29.99January
60151Dragster TransporterCity$44.99January
60152Sweeper & ExcavatorCity$44.99January
70348Lance's Twin JousterNexo Knights$29.99January
70349Ruina's Lock & RollerNexo Knights$29.99January
70350The Three BrothersNexo Knights$49.99January
70351Clay's Falcon Fighter BlasterNexo Knights$69.99January
70352Jestro's HeadquartersNexo Knights$139.99January
70362Battle Suit ClayNexo Knights$15.99January
70363Battle Suit MacyNexo Knights$15.99January
70364Battle Suit AaronNexo Knights$15.99January
70365Battle Suit AxlNexo Knights$15.99January
70366Battle Suit LanceNexo Knights$15.99January
70372Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1Nexo Knights$4.99January
71017THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIECollectable Minifigures$5.99January
75160U-wingStar Wars$15.99January
75161TIE StrikerStar Wars$15.99January
75162Y-wingStar Wars$15.99January
75163Krennic's Imperial ShuttleStar Wars$15.99January
75164Rebel Trooper Battle PackStar Wars$22.99January
75165Imperial Trooper Battle PackStar Wars$22.99January
75168Yoda's Jedi StarfighterStar Wars$44.99January
75169Duel on NabooStar Wars$44.99January
75171Battle on ScarifStar Wars$89.99January
75172Y-wing StarfighterStar Wars$109.99January
75523Scarif StormtrooperStar Wars$39.99January
75524Chirrut imweStar Wars$39.99January
75525Baze MalbusStar Wars$39.99January
10703Creative Builder BoxClassic$39.99February
10706Blue Creativity BoxClassic$7.99February
10707Red Creativity BoxClassic$7.99February
10708Green Creativity BoxClassic$7.99February
10709Orange Creativity BoxClassic$7.99February
10734Demolition SiteJuniors$39.99February
10735Police Truck ChaseJuniors$29.99February
10736Anna and Elsa's Frozen PlaygroundJuniors$29.99February
10737Batman vs. Mr. FreezeJuniors$22.99February
10740Fire Patrol SuitcaseJuniors$39.99February
10746Mia's Farm SuitcaseJuniors$39.99February
10747Andrea & Stephanie's Beach HolidayJuniors$39.99February
10832Birthday PicnicDuplo$19.99February
10835Family HouseDuplo$59.99February
10836Town SquareDuplo$89.99February
10838Family PetsDuplo$12.99February
10842Batcave ChallengeDuplo$69.99February
10845My First CarouselDuplo$29.99February
10847Number TrainDuplo$29.99February
10848My First BricksDuplo$39.99February
10855Cinderella's Magical CastleDuplo$49.99February
31054Blue ExpressCreator$7.99February
31055Red racerCreator$7.99February
31056Green CruiserCreator$15.99February
31057Air BlazerCreator$15.99February
31058Mighty DinosaursCreator$22.99February
31059Sunset Street BikeCreator$29.99February
31060Airshow AcesCreator$29.99February
31062Robo ExplorerCreator$29.99February
31063Beachside VacationCreator$39.99February
31064Island AdventuresCreator$39.99February
31065Park Street TownhouseCreator$79.99February
41230Batgirl Batjet ChaseDC Super Hero Girls$34.99February
41231Harley Quinn to the RescueDC Super Hero Girls$39.99February
41232Super Hero High SchoolDC Super Hero Girls$119.99February
41233Lashina TankDC Super Hero Girls$19.99February
41234Bumblebee HelicopterDC Super Hero Girls$19.99February
41235Wonder Woman DormDC Super Hero Girls$34.99February
70621The Vermillion AttackNinjago$15.99February
70622Desert LightningNinjago$29.99February
70623Destiny's ShadowNinjago$44.99February
70624Vermillion InvaderNinjago$44.99February
70625Samurai VXLNinjago$69.99February
70626Dawn of Iron DoomNinjago$99.99February
70627Dragon's ForgeNinjago$139.99February
70900The Joker Balloon EscapeThe LEGO Batman Movie$22.99February
70901Mr. Freeze Ice AttackThe LEGO Batman Movie$34.99February
70902Catwoman Catcycle ChaseThe LEGO Batman Movie$34.99February
70903The Riddler Riddle RacerThe LEGO Batman Movie$49.99February
70904Clayface Splat AttackThe LEGO Batman Movie$49.99February
70905The BatmobileThe LEGO Batman Movie$99.99February
70906The Joker Notorious LowriderThe LEGO Batman Movie$89.99February
70907Killer Croc Tail-GatorThe LEGO Batman Movie$109.99February
70908The ScuttlerThe LEGO Batman Movie$149.99February
70909Batcave Break-InThe LEGO Batman Movie$179.99February
21129The Mushroom IslandMinecraftMarch
21130The Nether RailwayMinecraftMarch
21131The Ice SpikesMinecraftMarch
21132Jungle TempleMinecraftMarch
21133Witch HouseMinecraftMarch
21134Secret Waterfall EscapeMinecraftMarch
41143Berry's KitchenDisney$9.99March
41144Petite's Royal StableDisney$15.99March
41147Anna's Snow AdventureDisney$34.99March
41148Elsa's Magical Ice PalaceDisney$119.99March
41181Naida's Gondola & the Goblin ThiefElvesMarch
41182The Capture of Sophie JonesElvesMarch
41183The Goblin King's Evil DragonElvesMarch
41184Aira's Air Ship and the Hunt for the AmuletElvesMarch
41185Magic Rescue from the Goblin VillageElvesMarch
42057Ultralight HelicopterTechnic$29.99March
42058Stunt BikeTechnic$32.99March
42059Stunt TruckTechnic$32.99March
42060Roadwork CrewTechnic$39.99March
42062Container YardTechnic$89.99March
42063BMW R 1200 GS AdventureTechnic$89.99March
42064Ocean ExplorerTechnic$169.99March
42065RC Tracked RacerTechnic$119.99March
42066Air Race JetTechnic$219.99March
76068Mighty Micros: Superman vs. BizarroDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99March
76069Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Killer MothDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99March
76070Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. DoomsdayDC Comics Super Heroes$17.99March
76071Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. ScorpionMarvel Super Heroes$17.99March
76072Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. ThanosMarvel Super Heroes$17.99March
76073Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. MagnetoMarvel Super Heroes$17.99March
76076Captain America Jet PursuitMarvel Super Heroes$39.99March
76077Iron Man: Detroit Steel StrikesMarvel Super Heroes$49.99March
76078Hulk vs. Red HulkMarvel Super Heroes$89.99March

Thanks to the few people who told me about the catalogue being available.

11 Responses to Release Schedule For The First Half of 2017

  1. Jarrod Potito says:

    no Arkham Asylum in catalogue?
    exclusive for lego online or somewhere ?

  2. Aidan says:

    It’s exclusive to TRU in the US. It’s also interesting that the Rebels Phantom 2 is not on there, I guess it continues the trend of Rebels sets not appearing at retail here.

  3. Spud says:

    Hello, I wonder if you know whether the 70911 The Penguin Arctic Roller will be here in Australia?

  4. gazza says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the Batman sets. Hoping for some great sales though!

    PS Hope to see you at Brickvention next weekend in Melbourne! So excited :D

  5. James says:

    any idea if we are getting the a-wing?

  6. Aidan says:

    The A-Wing, Luke’s Landspeeder and Desert Skiff will be store exclusives

    • Chris says:

      Sorry when you stay ‘store exclusives’ what does this mean? Will it be available in Australia at all?

      • BradC says:

        Usually it means that one of the retailers will get it exclusively, so you won’t be able to get it from other stores, but you should still be able to get it retail in Australia.

        However, sometimes sets are not available at retail in Australia, so you have to resort to buying it directly from the Lego Shop@home website. For example, in 2016, sets 75150 and 75157 were not available here in Australia, but you could buy them from the Lego Store.

        If a set isn’t in the catalogue linked in this article, it typically means it will be a retail exclusive, or only available directly from Lego, but there is no way to figure out which until the sets start appearing in stores, or not. Lego doesn’t really broadcast that to the general public.

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