Official Pictures of Brick Headz Sets

The Brick Headz concept was first unveilled at San Diego ComicCon with a series of exclusive sets. While the exclusivity of the sets annoyed many we were promised that a full release was coming in 2017. Well LEGO have just uploaded pictures of the final sets to their server. There are 8 sets that we know of so far, and there are a few differences to the SDCC sets.

While the Marvel sets are based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of the characters, The DC side of things is going LEGO Batman Movie over more traditional representations.

Overall I like the concept. Some sets seem to work better than others but I hope this succeeds and we see more. No word on pricing at this stage. Click on the image for larger versions, and click READ MORE to see the full list of 8 (if you can’t already).

41585 Batman (91 Pieces)


41590 Iron Man (96 Pieces)


41586 Batgirl (99 Pieces)


41591 Black Widow (143 Pieces)


41589 Captain America (79 Pieces)


41587 Robin (101 Pieces)


41592 The Hulk (143 Pieces)


41588 The Joker (151 Pieces)


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    Stop this nonsense Lego!

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