There Are 39 Countries Where You Could See The LEGO Batman Movie This Weekend

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According to the release information on IMDB there are 39 countries where you can see the LEGO Batman Movie this weekend. It’s actually more than that because it lists the UK as combined entry.

Unfortunately Australia is not one of those countries.

While the wonderful people of Kazakhstan sit back and enjoy the film with a nice bucket of buttery popcorn those of us here in Australia will have to wait.

Unfortunately Village Roadshow have decided that there is no possible way Australians would see a “kids” movie any time of the year other than school holidays. It seems that the people at Village Roadshow failed to predict that a massive heatwave would hit the East Coast of Australia and send families hunting for any form air conditioning. It really would be a perfect weekend to take your kids to see a movie. I’ve heard good things about Moana.

LEGO Batman AU Release

For those readers out there with private jets, here are the details on where you can see The LEGO Batman Movie.

February 8th
Belgium, France, Netherlands

February 9th
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Republic of Macedonia, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Ukraine

February 10th
Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Spain, Finland, UK, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Venezuela

It’s too late to change anything, but if you want to let somebody know you aren’t happy you can find Roadshow Films on twitter at

Release date information from, but I wouldn’t read too much on that IMDB page as it may contain reviews with spoilers.

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  1. hellotreacle says:

    It’s so ridiculous. I have two kids, both itching to see the movie and we don’t wait for school holidays to see movies, in fact the school holidays are usually a time for us to watch a good movie for a second time. At least it will save me a bit of money which I can then spend on more Lego.

  2. Ed says:

    Torrent, torrent, torrent, torrent

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