BrickHeadz Now Available For VIPs

I know that opinion is mixed on the new BrickHeadz theme, but those of you who are interested will be pleased to hear that VIPs now have access to buying these sets.

BrickHeadz VIP 2017

All 10 of the series one sets unveiled so far are available. That works out to $159.99 – just below the free shipping threshold.

Do you plan to pick these up? I’m not sure if I’d get all of them, but some look pretty great.

2 Responses to BrickHeadz Now Available For VIPs

  1. Paco says:

    Ordered earlier today , they will look great next to my SDCC ones – I think they will be as well great kids/adults presents at that price tag

  2. Owen says:

    Ordered some this morning. Will see how they go – will probably get hooked and have to buy the lot!
    I think they’ll do well if they can tap into that pop vinyl market.

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