Series 17 Features Some Awesome Minifigures

More news out of NY Toy Fair – an all new series of minifigures to go crazy over.


LEGO haven’t given out official names yet so we’re just going to have to guess for now…

Front row: French Man, Butterfly Girl, Atlantis Warrior (that trident seems very Atlantis to me), Corn Suit Guy (amazing), Vintage Space Explorer (that ray gun is very 60s spacey), Gym Junkie, Angry Dwarf? (No idea what this one is meant to be) and Rocket Boy (going to be a popular one.

Second row: Surfer, Pastry Chef, Diner Cook (the Hotdog and Milkshake are great), Elf Warrior Woman, Strongman (classic sideshow/circus style strongman), 1980s guy? (love the flip phone), Vet (love the new bunny).

Finally, there is some sort of mystery minifigure!? Could this be another Mr Gold situation? We’ll have to wait and see.

Via The Brick Show

6 Responses to Series 17 Features Some Awesome Minifigures

  1. Mark says:

    The trident man is a retiarius – type of gladiator ;) good to see these! But as you said, no idea what the dwarf guys is meant to be…

  2. Owen says:

    Some interesting characters in there but did we really need another surfer?
    They’ve given us someone to operate our defriended hot dog van!
    What is the french guy holding?
    No idea on dwarf – are they different legs?
    Like the hat and whisk that pastry chef has!

    • Tim says:

      Agree on hot dog van guy. Good call on that one.
      I assumed the french guy was holding some type of baguette/french bread.
      The dwarf has kid legs which dont bend. They are shorter than the regular legs.

      • Owen says:

        They don’t look like the kids legs to me unless the print on them creates some sort of optical illusion.

        • Tim says:

          They do look a little different but it could just be the way they are printed on the packaging also. Compare the red legs of the dwarf with the pink legs of the butterfly girl. The top of the red looks slightly larger than the top of the pink but they basically look the same height. The dwarf legs end at the furry belt or whatever it is.

  3. Adam says:

    Nice looking series, they needed to make up for the duplicate batman series which was the first real miss in the franchise.

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