LEGO Online Selling Batman Movie Dimensions Sets Super Cheaply

Right now the LEGO online store has prices for The LEGO Batman Movie Dimensions sets that are clearly a mistake. The last time this happened LEGO did honour all orders placed before the prices were changed, so I expect the same thing will happen this time.

First up is The LEGO Batman Story Pack. This pack allows you to play the story of The LEGO Batman Movie in Dimensions. It has an RRP of $79.99 but LEGO are selling it for $15.99

LEGO Batman Story Pack Cheap

Next is the smaller Excalibur Batman Fun Pack. These single character packs have an RRP of $24.99, but LEGO is selling this one for $6.99.

LEGO Batman Excalibur Fun Pack Cheap

Both of these prices are likely to change at some point, so you may want to get them now if you are interested. It might be a bit tricky to get to the free shipping threshold but even with postage you are still saving money, particularly if you split an order with a friend.

Thanks to Kon for sharing this with me.

5 Responses to LEGO Online Selling Batman Movie Dimensions Sets Super Cheaply

  1. Angela says:

    Batman Fun Pack is now listed as temporarily out of stock…the dilemma of whether to wait and potentially miss out on a fantastically priced Story Pack. Knight Rider is also listed at the mistake price.

  2. Warwick Nicholson says:

    Just tried to buy and I add extra items to get free shipping and when I entered my details for delivery it has a message error: generic
    Not sure if it’s because of the dimensions or not.

  3. I can confirm that I just completed my order through Lego with Dimensions in the cart. I decided to go ahead of the Batman funpack being available for back order as the story pack is too good to miss! Good luck!

  4. Owen says:

    So far so good – looks like my order went through.
    Hopefully the funpack will be available soon.

  5. Angela says:

    I just received a cancellation notification for the cheap dimensions items that were in my order. Has anyone else experienced this? :( :( :(

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