On Sale: 20% Off At Big W’s eBay Store

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For a while the Big W eBay store shut down but it is now absolutely back. It also happens to be offering 20% off LEGO at the moment.

To take advantage of this offer you will need to use the code CBIGW at checkout. Unfortunately because this is done as a code you won’t be able to also get the additional 5% off.

The offer started today (April 6th) and runs until April 12th 2017.

View their LEGO range here.

3 Responses to On Sale: 20% Off At Big W’s eBay Store

  1. Legofreak says:

    If you use the code, you won’t be able to save on the combined postage although you pay them all together. (I.e. they charge 29.70 for 3 lego)

    • Michael says:

      You should be able to add multiple items to your cart, then enter the code when you check out. I did a quick test of this and it seemed to only have one postage fee.

      • legofreak says:

        Thanks Michael, i have checked with the BigW ebay team and they refunded me the over charge postage fee. They couldn’t work out why i got charged all 3 postages

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