Australian Price For 10257 Carousel Revealed

Overnight LEGO updated their Australian store with a page for the just announced 10257 Carousel.

The Australian RRP is confirmed to be $299.99.

10257 Carousel AU Price

Let me know what you think of the price.

4 Responses to Australian Price For 10257 Carousel Revealed

  1. anthony Christian says:

    My wallet would like it to be $40 cheaper.

    I like the look of this set, and will wait until it makes its way to a B&M retail store.

  2. JJ says:

    not that much more expensive than the ferris wheel, DJ’s had the exclusive on the ferris wheel, and from time to time you could get that 20% off, so hopefully a premium retailer like DJ’s or Myer get this one in so I can get it cheaper on a sale!

  3. Kcy says:

    I think it’s expensive. I think the Grand Carousel with power functions was $249.99 when it was released.

  4. Belinda says:

    I wish they would stop making sets I want to buy. I just got the assembly square and now this $300 one….will have to be later half of this year.

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