Review: 30400 Gymnastics Bar

I make no secret of the fact that I am a big LEGO Friends fan. The sets are almost always well designed and I actually don’t have a problem with the Minidolls.

When my local Woolworths finally got in the polybag range they are now offering this was the first set I grabbed.

30400 Gymnastics Bar

30400 Gymnastics Bar (1)

This set contains a relatively small part count of just 26 elements, as well as a single minidoll.

The included minidoll is Naomi – who is not one of the main LEGO Friends characters. It’s nice to expand my Heartlake City citizen collection, but some buyers may be disappointed that it doesn’t include a more well-known character. Despite this the minidoll is great. Naomi features blue eyes, a freckled face and dark brown hair. She is presented here wearing a great green spotted top and purple shorts. Overall it’s a really nice minidoll.

30400 Gymnastics Bar (2)

The first part of the set to be constructed is the boombox. LEGO does make a boombox element in pink that came with the Series 5 Fitness instructor CMF but I much prefer this brick-built version. The printed phone tile works well as the controls. The colours are bright and vibrant, as you’d expect from a Friends set.

30400 Gymnastics Bar (3)

The main part of the build is the gymnastics bar itself. It is constructed on a 4×6 plate and consists of tiles, plates and sloped bricks. Decoration is added by attaching a star element to a technic pin placed in a 1×2 brick with hole. The bar itself is a 4L grey bar clipped on to two 1×1 plates with clips. With only 13 pieces LEGO have managed to make a recognisable piece of gymnastics equipment. My only criticism would be that I would have liked one more tile, as there is one row of exposed studs and I’m not sure why.

30400 Gymnastics Bar (4)

This is one of several $5 polybags available at Woolworths and I think it is absolutely worth the price. $5 will usually only get you one collectible minifigure but this includes a fun little build too.

Check back soon for details on how you can win one of these sets.

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