Official Details of 21310 Old Fishing Store

The talk of LEGO Ideas might be the Saturn V at the moment, but there is another set that has been on it’s way for a while that looks very exciting too. After months of waiting here are the official details of 21310 Old Fishing Store

21310 Old Fishing Store

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This set is absolutely full of character and charm. The designers have done a fantastic job of taking the original idea and making a just a few tweaks. This really looks like the sort of building you’d find in a coastal town.

Included are 4 minifigures, a cat, 3 seagulls and even two lobsters. The set features a total of 2,049 pieces, including plenty of sand green tiles.

You will be able to purchase this set yourself from September 1st. No Australian RRP at this stage, but I have heard rumours it could be $249.99.

You can see additional box photos below.

21310 Old Fishing Store Box Front 21310 Old Fishing Store Box Rear

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  1. Sam says:

    Truly Stunning!!! So glad this project became a reality & I hope that the Boat Repair Shop by the same designer RobenAnne which is currently under review becomes a set to accompany this gem.

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