Review: 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape

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With The LEGO Batman Movie out now on DVD and Blu-ray it seemed like a great excuse to finally build this set I’ve had sitting around for a while.

The Joker Balloon escape is the smallest and cheapest of the sets in the first wave. Like most of the first wave sets 70900 is based on the opening scene of the film where the Joker brings a team of villains together. There are two main elements to the build… The Joker’s balloon/rocket hybrid jetpack and a small section of the Gotham energy facility.

Also included are two minifigures – Batman and The Joker.

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The Minifigures

70900 Minifigures

For a small set it’s great that both Batman and The Joker are included. It’s a great way for kids to get the characters without having to spend a fortune.

The Joker is wearing his classic colour purple in the form a of a suit with long tails. The torso printing also features a waist coat, yellow shirt and green tie printing. The legs are printed with pockets and a chain at the top.

The film version of the joker has big bushy green hair and the element is fantastic. Joker’s head features a double sided print –  an open mouth laugh and a menacing toothy grin.

70900 Joker Faces

Unlike the new DC Cinematic Universe version of the character this LEGO Batman is wearing black, with a classic yellow Bat logo on his torso. The torso also features printed abs. All of the movie Batman minifigures include the new utility belt element.

The cape for Batman is a soft fabric, rather than the hard material used for the Joker’s suit tails. The cowl is the version with regular ears and the chin strap.

The head for Batman is also double sided with gritted teeth and squinting eyes on one side, while the other side features an open mouth and eyes. Batman comes with a grappling hook accessory, just like the scene in the film.

70900 Batman Faces

The Build

70900 Completed Model

As I said there are two parts to the build. The first is a small section of the Gotham energy facility. This build features a small platform, red pipe with a valve wheel, tank and computer console. On the side of the build is a brick built bomb with printed clock tile and dynamite elements. The set features a small play feature where pressing down on the yellow tiles on the right will cause the tank to “explode”.

70900 Tank BuildThe second built element is the Joker’s balloon jetpack. This is a fairly small little build but the end result looks great. There are 5 “balloons” included (2 red, 2 yellow and 1 blue) each using a combination of 2×2 dome and inverted dome elements. Paint roller elements are cleverly used as the handles, while blasters act as the fiery exhaust nozzles.

70900 Joker Closeup

[Note: in the 360° view of the set I have used a few 1x2 clear bricks to elevate the Joker. These are not part of the set]

Buying Guide

The LEGO Batman Movie was not quite as big of a hit as it could have been, so the sets are fairly regularly on sale. Looking at my database of sales information shows that this set has been on sale for as low as $15. Most stores sell this for around $19 rather than the $22.99 RRP. Until July 19th 2017 it is just $17.60 at Target.


For $20 I think this is a great little set. The built section is only small but still manages to include a play feature. Both of the minifigures are fantastic and the Joker’s balloon jetpack is fairly accurate to the film and looks great.

If you are a fan of the movie, or just Batman in general I think this is a good addition to your collection.

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