The Ninjago Movie Alphabet

If you have been watching the trailers and checking out the sets from The LEGO Ninjago Movie you may have noticed that they all feature a strange foreign language. Well that language is actually English, but with a special new alphabet designed by the LEGO Ninjago Movie team.

Bricking Around in Ninjago

With the sets released people got to work on deciphering the language, but LEGO have made that a lot easier with a new website for the film – The site allows you to input a message using the standard English alphabet and then switch to the Ninjago alphabet (or vice versa).

I have also gone to the trouble of creating a handy guide that you can print out to translate sets as you are building them.

Ninjago Alphabet GuideWith enough study you may even be able to read Ninjago.


10 thoughts on “The Ninjago Movie Alphabet

  1. marsha Reply

    Thank you so much for doing that Michael. I got my ninjago sets at discounted prices from ‘I’m rick James bricks’ (Melbourne), the moment they came out and have been trying to crack the code ever since.

  2. Alison Reply

    Thank you – this is really useful and will save me the time trying to work it out. I will print this out and have it up permanently I think!! I know some Japanese and this script really tricks my eyes, which is a bit annoying (I really want it to be proper Japanese!) but I absolutely love that they have created this script, especially as a fun and educational feature for kids.

  3. chromeknight Reply

    @KC I spoke to LegoAustralia. Apparently Marketing hasn’t decided who gets the exclusives yet.

  4. Elemental master of the moon Reply

    Growing up watching Ninjago this is actually really helpful, now I can go back to the series and actually read some of the signs on the building, I think this is really awesome

  5. Cate Reply

    I think you should change it. To Like “Ninjago Mandarin” I prefer a language, not a code.


    Thank you so much .I love ninjago but never understood what the signs said.

  7. Cobie Reply

    Translateted la-lloyd, prety good incase you wonded it’s legacy Lloyd and said ‘Master’

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