Book Review: Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure

It’s Book Week, so this week I am going to be reviewing two LEGO related books. First up the Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book. Be sure to check out the 360° look at the included set below.

There are a few different style of LEGO books produced by DK – from the serious encyclopaedia style books to sticker books at the other end of the spectrum. The build your own adventure books fall closer towards the “kid” end, but generally still have some great building inspiration.

This latest Build Your Own Adventure book is based on the Nexo Knights theme, specifically the 2017 sets – with the current rock villains featured.

As this is a book that comes with a LEGO set it is presented in an outer cardboard sleeve. If you don’t intend to keep it in that once you’ve built the set then you will be pleased to note that the book itself is nicely bound with a solid hard cover.

First up is some basic introductory type information – a spread on the various LEGO parts that are available, an introduction to the Robin character and the actual building instructions for Robin’s Mech.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book03

The book is split up over 5 chapters. Each chapter is loosely based around a different area of the Nexo Knights world. I am by no means an expert in the lore of the Nexo Knights, but the book does a decent job of explaining the various areas and their relevance to the story.

The basic plot is that Monstrox and Jestro have destroyed a network of servers around the kingdom, and Robin must travel to each of them to make repairs. It’s a very loose story just to link the various sections.

The advantage of having different areas of the kingdom as settings is that each has a unique style. There are the futuristic settings of the castle itself with lots of the blues and trans-orange you’d expect, to the more classical castle style builds like a simple cottage. I found the Auremville section quite interesting with the builds focusing on a gold and white aesthetic.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book06

The book doesn’t just feature builds inspired by the Nexo Knights and their home towns, there are also plenty of villainous creations to balance things out. You’ve got to have somebody for the heroes to fight so I’m glad that these builds are included.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book05

All of the builds are presented as ideas or inspiration rather than detailed instructions. I appreciate that way of doing things. I am not the most creative person but I still think that building from your own imagination is a fantastic way to enjoy LEGO.

The book has a great variety of different builds and enough of a story to keep young fans entertained.

Robin and his Battle Suit

While Robin may not be one of the main knights in the Nexo Knights series he has been part of the theme since the beginning. He is a knight in training who happens to be handy with tools. Robin’s engineering skills are represented by crossed spanner symbol on his torso.

Robin usually features messy blond hair, but there is no hair piece included here just the full helmet. That helmet is topped off with a trans-orange plume which matches the Nexo Knights colour scheme.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure 02

Robin’s mech is a fairly small with basic articulation. This is essentially the same basic structure as the Nexo Knights Battle Suit sets. The mini ball joint pieces first introduced in the Mixels theme provide the hip, ankle and shoulder articulation points. The hands are large single pieces while the torso is made up of the new mech cockpit element and the outer ‘cover’ that matches it.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure 06

The set provides you with the basic pieces you would need if you wanted to beef up the size of the battle suit yourself.

You are unlikely to need to alter Robin’s weapon. Included is a six-stud shooter that packs a surprising punch. This rapid shooter is the LEGO weapon equivalent of a machine gun. Luckily some extra studs are included because they fly off with some decent speed.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure 04

The suit’s other hand features a large shield. It would have been nice if this was the same shield element used in the other battle suit sets but it kind of make sense that Robin wouldn’t have a shield with Nexo powers.

Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure 01

To further illustrate Robin’s mechanical prowess the shoulders of the battle suit feature attached tools.

Overall the build is simple but effective. It is easy to pose in various positions and includes a fun weapon. It would also nicely match the other Battle Suit sets if you have them.

This is a great addition to the collection of any young Nexo Knights fan. The book itself is full of great building inspiration that matches the rest of the Nexo Knights sets. The mech/battle suit may have limited appeal to adult fans (with other versions available separately) but kids should enjoy it as an accompaniment to the book.

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    Cool little review, seeing those other areas of the kingdom really makes me wish Nexo Knights line wasn’t mostly vehicles.

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