Australian Price Confirmed For 21312 Women of NASA

21312 Women of NASA AU Price

LEGO have updated their online store with a product page for the recently announced Women of NASA set, which means that we now know the Australian price.

The set will cost $49.99 locally, which is unfortunately higher than most people were expecting/hoping.

With a US price of $24.99 and a UK price £19.99 the Australian price seems high.

While US prices don’t include tax, adding 10% tax and converting to Australian dollars works out to $35.05 AU. Even adding a 20% markup on that would be around $42.

The UK price of £19.99 works out to $33.51 AU. Again with a 20% markup that is around $40.

It feels like LEGO could have easily made this set $39.99. Hopefully it comes to local retail and we can get it on sale.


6 Responses to Australian Price Confirmed For 21312 Women of NASA

  1. Tim says:

    Was hoping for $40 with an option of a 20% off sale. Wanted to buy this for my daughter. Guess I will give this a miss now unless I can get it at about $30.

  2. Marsha says:

    I am not happy about being price gouged again. Lego needs to realise that they can’t make up their losses by enforcing unrealistically high prices here.

  3. Sam says:

    Sick & tired of LEGO Australia extorting the Aussie consumer. $50 is outrageous!!! Only 231 pieces.
    The only time I can remember LEGO Australia lowering an RRP was in 2013 when they lowered the LEGO IDEAS Delorean from $69.99 to $59.99. It was 34.99 USD at the time.
    This set should be no more than $40 AUD, so I hope LEGO Australia are reading our displeasure at the RRP & respond accordingly…

  4. Tim Menger says:

    Agree a bit expensive, but with three girls will make sharing this one a bit easier! Any word on when the Saturn 5 might be back?

  5. Nevets says:

    Man… 21c per piece is a bit much… will be voting with my wallet on this one. Like everyone else, I hope LEGO AUS comes to its senses…

  6. Mark says:

    That is probably one of the worst priced sets I’ve seen in a long time. I really don’t get the pricing of this set. More than double the British pound price is ridiculous! Then factor in the exhorbitant shipping charge of $30+ plus international transaction fees (which CBA are charging at 3% on Lego S@H purchases now) it quickly becomes a $80-90 proposition. You’d have to be a space cadet to buy it. It can’t be attributed to high licensing fees from NASA either. The NASA Saturn V rocket is one of best priced sets period. Sadly, Women of NASA will will probably never be available in local retail stores. I don’t normally complain about price but way to go promoting STEM Lego! And the lack of Katherine Johnson is the final kick to the never region. And yes, I know it’s because they couldn’t obtain her permission but it diminishes the set nonetheless.

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