WB Games Confirms No Further Development of LEGO Dimensions

When E3 came and went with no new LEGO Dimensions packs announced a lot of people took that as a sign that the game had reached a dead end. Today, the LEGO Dimensions twitter page confirmed the news.

There will be no further updates, products or expansions for LEGO Dimensions.

LEGO Dimensions Ending

As the image above states – your game will not stop working. The servers will continue to run and any products currently in the market will be supported.

LEGO Dimensions was a late-comer to the “Toys To Life” gaming genre, and that may have been part of it’s downfall. People had already grown weary of games that required you to buy expensive toys to get the full experience.

One thing the game will certainly be remembered for is being responsible for some great LEGO minifigures that surely would never have existed outside of the game. There is now an official LEGO Mr T minifigure. That’s crazy.

I never played the game myself, but I know there are plenty of you out there who did. Will you miss the game or has it run it’s course?

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  1. Matt says:

    For me this was probably the only time I’ve ever had a literal love/hate experience with a game (or any entertainment product for that matter). At its best it was a joyous amalgam of creativity and cross-generational content yet at its worst had devolved into a deperessing hive of enthusiasm destroying bugs and uninspired development. Still, as many have echoed, it’s hard to imagine a lot of the minifigures existing otherwise and my son and I are at least left with a great palace cinema based display, themed as 80′s movie icons, where Sloth, the Ghostbusters and others will happily live out their days battling Gremlins, Beetlejuice and E.T. (He went totally bad you guys)

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