LEGO Giveaway Suggestions – Help Pick The Top 5 Ideas


All the way back on October 3rd I posted a form for you to enter your suggestions for possible LEGO giveaways.

I have collated all of the different answers and created one final list. You can now help select the final top 5 suggestions that will be passed on to LEGO.

This poll is open until October 30th so that I can get LEGO the results before November 1st.

There are quite a few different suggestions to look at, so I have included a link rather than embedding the form. You can find the survey here.

6 Responses to LEGO Giveaway Suggestions – Help Pick The Top 5 Ideas

  1. CS says:

    It would have been great if we could have selected five given you are selecting the top five as there are too many to just choose one favourite!

  2. Mark says:

    You left out my suggestions but I know why. Instead of “giving” us useless tokens how about more regular sales to be more competitive with local markets. Bring back Paypal as a option to avoid the bloody ridiculous international transaction fees that banks charge. Or, make shipping charges reasonable. The only reason I ever use the Lego shop@home ‘experience’ is to buy a D2C set or an exclusive that isn’t available here, and only when it total more than $200. Their online business model is broken, they need to fix it. I couldn’t give a crap whether I get a free chicken suit guy, friends or Xmas themed polybag, it’s never going to appeal to everyone. A better deal and fair treatment on the other hand is something everyone can appreciate. The whole international transaction thing is actually misleading and would make a good case for deceptive marketing under Australian consumer protection law. They charge in AUD, including GST, which means not only is the tax paid here but they operate as Lego Australia in this country. All of my packages from Lego S@H are also delivered via Lego Australia as the return address, even though they ship via overseas warehouses. I’ve offered my suggestions to TLG as such and got the expected “we value your feedback” non-response.

    • CS says:

      TLG clearly states during the checkout process that you may be charged international fees even though you are paying in Australian dollars. This is not within their control as this is the banks’ fee and not all banks, even those with international fees, charge this to their credit card users. It would not matter if you payed with PayPal or any other method if ultimately your bank charges fees for companies like TLG. For example book depository or Amazon are the same you can pay in AUD but you still get a transaction fee. I don’t disagree with you re the postage issue and other general problems with the market differentiations but that is the cost of living in Australia we get screwed on just about every cost known to man and then get told that we all shop from overseas because we are trying to avoid GST – no it is because the item is 80% cheaper so please charge me GST if you want – rant over.

      • Mark says:

        You’re missing my points. Why are they using an international account when clearly they have local ones and pay taxes here (on our behalf)? I don’t know about your personal banking institution but I don’t get fees on PayPal transactions when in AUD, nor do I get fees on international transactions if I use my Amex, which Lego S@H do not accept. Funnily enough my banking institution has only just started charging these fees, even though I’ve been ordering from Lego S@H for many years. It’s only recently that Lego DNK has started appearing on my statements. That was my other point, there is no to avoid the bank fees, not TLGs fault per se (as you pointed out) but frustrating nonetheless. And the point you raise about them “clearly” stating you could be charged fees by your financial institution is only indicated at checkout. Given that the website is region specific, ends in .au and charges in AUD would be considered misleading to many. That was my point about being deceptive. Most people would have already committed to buy by that stage, it’s psychology 101. We could argue it but ultimately it’s just an opinion, just as you are entitled to yours.

    • Michael says:

      I completely agree with your criticisms of the S@H experience, but that wasn’t the goal of what LEGO were asking.

      Regarding the international transaction fee issue – this isn’t something that is exclusive to LEGO Australia. It is a fee charged by banks and there are ways to get around it. The Australian online store isn’t actually Australian, it’s the European store with a setting that displays the prices in AU. A lot of international companies rely on centralised banking systems for payments rather than an account in each region. I think LEGO is actually one of the best in actually warning customers about the potential for the fee, as a lot of other companies don’t have any warning at all.

      If LEGO makes changes so that people don’t get charged the fee it doesn’t stop the issue with other sites. I’d rather see the problem fixed on the banking side – if you are being charged in $AU you shouldn’t be charged an international transaction fee, or if you are it should be a lot less than it currently is.

      I’d love PayPal as a payment option, unfortunately I think it’s an issue with fees. I’d also love a lower free shipping threshold.

  3. Mark says:

    Fair points Michael. It still doesn’t explain how the company is collecting GST (ie. an Australian tax) if it’s operating purely as a European store. Also strange that the sender delivery on the boxes is Lego Australia. But yes, I know the stock comes from UK and Danish warehouses and is sorted via Alexandria business hub, which is probably where it’s boxed and stickered for local delivery via Auspost/StarTrack. I just wish that end of the online experience matched the after sales customer service, which is faultless.

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