You Can Currently Get a Saturn V For $152

Update: Well that was quick. The eBay listing is already sold out.

After posting about Target stocking the Saturn V a thought hit me – Target have an eBay store, and eBay has 10% off everything at the moment.

A quick check and sure enough the Target eBay store does have the Saturn V listed. With the PERK10 discount code you can get yourself a Saturn V for just $152.10, with free delivery.

Target eBay Cheap Saturn V

Get in quick, who knows how much stock they have allocated for their eBay store.

View the Target eBay product page here.

12 Responses to You Can Currently Get a Saturn V For $152

  1. Jarnu says:

    I got mine for $104 each, i bought 11 :)

  2. Jarnu says:

    Myer 20% off + staff discount 15% off + 10% off the gift card purchase ????

  3. Jarnu says:

    Miss print meant to be 1!!

    • Sam says:

      How many did you really buy you scalper SCUM.
      11 sounds about right. You just didn’t want to face the questioning in this forum so you said misprint. Poor form.

  4. Mark says:

    I didn’t know Myer got them in. Legoland Discovery Centre got some more stock yesterday too. I managed to get the second last one upon store opening this morning.

    • Jarnu says:

      Hey Mark, they had a few there for the last 5 days (lego land) also if you want another you can get one from myer there is still some in stock!!

      I have insiders in the right places >.<

      • Jarnu says:

        And also forgot to mention it is $10 off for every $50 you spend so you would of got it for $13x.

        At Myer atm

        Hope this helps!!

        • Mark says:

          Hey Jarnu, I was at Myer Melb this afternoon and they didn’t have any. I’m guessing it will vary from store to store but yeah the $10 off per $50 spend would have been useful. Especially as I have a $10 b’day voucher from Myer! Oh well, I’m just happy I got one!

          • Jarnu says:

            The sad thing is I know Myer Melb had 30 and it disappoints me that they told you they didn’t have any. I know they will be releasing them to the shelves on the 31st of this month.

            They are located in their store room or loading dock

  5. Mark says:

    I’m not surprised. They often have ‘on shelf’ dates.

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