Check Out These Sets Coming In 2018

LEGO have updated their servers with images of some of the sets that will be released in 2017. There’s Creator, Technic and City sets to check out. With the images of these already online it’s likely that these are all January release sets but that hasn’t been confirmed. No pricing as yet.


31071 Drone Explorer – 109 pieces

Interesting subject for a set. It seems to be a piloted drone, but there is no minifigure included. Alternate builds are a plane and airboat.


31072 Extreme Engines – 109 pieces

A great F1 style car with bright colours and a nicely designed engine. Alternate builds are a different style car and a jet boat.


31075 Outback Adventures – 225 pieces

Great to see an Australian inspired set. The 4WD looks great as does the brickbuilt dog.


31076 Davedevil Stunt Plane – 200 pieces

Another set with an included minifigure. The bi-plane design looks impressive.


31081 Modular Skate House – 422 pieces

LEGO Continues the modular design for Creator Houses with this set. Some interesting sections such as the climbing wall.



60172 Dirt Road Pursuit – 297 pieces

LEGO City will be heading a little outside the city limits in 2018. This set features 3 vehicles, including a police truck with net launcher.


60173 Mountain Arrest – 303 pieces

This set is totally worth getting just for the bear and minifigure with bear-paw print underwear. The helicopter also features a net launcher.


60179 Ambulance Helicopter – 190 pieces

While LEGO doesn’t actually have a modern hospital, there is still a helicopter ambulance service. It’s a nice looking helicopter build.


60180 Monster Truck – 192 pieces

One of the smaller City vehicle sets this one might be of interest to Monster Jam fans. With a rubber band spotted in the images it should have some level of suspension.


60181 Forest Tractor – 174 pieces

A small logging set. The claw on the front looks cool.


60182 Pickup & Caravan – 344 pieces

It looks like the family from Fun In The Park is growing up and going on a family camping trip. Some nice accessories here like the net, fish and crab.


60183 Heavy Cargo Transport – 310 pieces

LEGO seems to really love making helicopters. The truck and trailer are both well designed and I like the black and red colour scheme.



42071 Dozer Compactor – 171 pieces

A nice small Technic set. The wheels are interesting and it still features some mechanical functionality.


42072 WHACK! – 135 pieces

It’s unclear from the pictures but I suspect this will be a pull-back racer model.


42073 BASH! – 139 pieces

Another suspected pull-back racer. Obviously this and the set above are meant to be paired.


42074 Racing Yacht – 330 pieces

Technic sets usually tend to be heavy machinery, so this is a somewhat surprising subject. I love the large printed sails.


42084 Hook Loader – 176 pieces

Not the most visually impressive set. This should be a fairly cheap little starter Technic set.


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  1. Tim says:

    “It looks like the family from Fun In The Park is growing up and going on a family camping trip.” Otherwise known as why bother printing new mini-figures.
    Although if not a coincidence it would be an interesting idea to have a family move through various sets. Given the growth of the kid it will only be a couple of years before he is graduating from high school and then having his own brick family.

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