Olivia Looks Different In The 2018 Friends Sets

Pictures have started appearing online for some of the 2018 sets. While I haven’t had a chance to collate these and share them I noticed something odd when checking out the 2018 Friends sets.

Olivia isn’t the Olivia we are all used to. In fact it seems that she has been completely redesigned.

Here is what Olivia currently looks like…

Olivia 2017

And here is what Olivia looks like in the 2018 sets…

Olivia 2018

There are numerous differences. New Olivia has a different hair colour and style, she now wears glasses and her skin tone is slightly darker.

I don’t have any issue with the Friends lineup having a bit more diversity in terms of skin tone but I feel like LEGO should have done that from the start. Completely redesigning an existing character is odd and likely to cause issues for kids when their favourite LEGO Friend suddenly looks completely different.

I also think the glasses are a bit disappointing. Why? Because Olivia has always been the nerdy character with an interest in science and technology. Giving the character with an interest in STEM glasses feels like a lazy stereotype.

What do you think of the change? Is this an outrage, or a non-issue?

You can see the 2018 Friends set images here.

7 Responses to Olivia Looks Different In The 2018 Friends Sets

  1. Lottylou says:

    Looks like Emma has changed too.

    • Michael says:

      It seems they’ve all had a bit of a tweak. Andrea’s hair seems to be slightly different. Olivia is the biggest change though.

  2. Slazer says:

    From a physical Lego set perspective I don’t think the change would matter to my daughter. She tends to mix and match the minidolls anyway so this would just give her more options.

    However she also likes watching the TV show or “Lego girl friends” as she calls it. I think if the change follows on the show it would confuse her as to where one of the friends went, and why they have gone out of their way to find a new friend with the same name, just so they don’t need new bowling team shirts.

  3. SuperWAGs says:

    Maybe a Heart Lake tanning salon set is on the cards!!

  4. melon says:

    i hate it why why they look horrible why

  5. Listen I don’t hate it, but it will take a while to get used to.

  6. Sara says:

    I hate it. It is 2020 and I can´t get used to her new look.

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