2017 Advent Calendars – Day 3 – City, Friends & Star Wars

Day 3, which also happens to be Sunday. Hopefully these builds are fun and will make us all feel better about tomorrow being Monday.

Advent Banner 2017 Smaller


2017Advent_CITY_DAY03 (3)

Day 3 in the City calendar features this wonderful little fireplace. The advent calendars are always focused on a winter theme so a fireplace is not really a surprise, but it’s nicely executed here.

2017Advent_CITY_DAY03 (1)


2017Advent_FRIENDS_Day03 (2)

There isn’t really much to this build – 5 elements and a bunny. You can slide the bunny down the slope thanks to the little platform it sits on. A very basic play feature and overall I’m not super impressed. The bunny itself is cute.

Star Wars

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day03 (2)

Another Star Wars Rebels vehicle. This is a microscale version of The Phantom and it captures the overall shape and colour the end result isn’t particularly amazing.

2017Advent_STARWARS_Day03 (3)

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  1. Jen says:

    The City Advent calendar wins Day 3.

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